AMD Athlon II X4 AM3 605E 45 watt = green, quiet. Ebay. $123

By Row1
Dec 24, 2010
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  1. Hi, y'all - someone on ebay, with almost 50,000 sales, has a few processors for sale at $123. this is the amd athlon II x4 605E 45 watt. 45 WATT!

    you can look in the usual places for performance of this chip, but i think it is awesome for most applications -- and the coolest thing is it is so low power. I am building a system around this chip now so the system is quiet. lower wattage = less cooling = less fanpower = less noise.

    these were not marketed much, if at all, in the U.S.

    I ordered mine from a site in Canada - these were also popular in U.K. I guess U.S. builders are more into high-wattage powerful chips.

    I have no connection to this ebay seller - I just though I would give my Techspot friends the heads-up about a great am3 desktop processor that is almost in the power consumption range of a laptop processor.

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