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AMD dual-core AM2 processor temps?

By kerneljack ยท 5 replies
Mar 26, 2007
  1. Hello,

    I'm sorry if someone has posted this before, but I cannot find any reference to optimal operating temps for the new AM2 processors. I think on AMD's website says the max. temp is upto 70 something but I was wondering if my temps are too high?

    Now I am using some Antec silver-based thermal paste and I'm not sure if I applied too much or not. It was thicker in some places than others, not uniformly smooth and it covers a lot of the whole die, but not the edges. So should I reapply it?

    I also initially used an oil-based nail polish remover to clean the cpu and heat sink but have since removed all that and re-cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and reapplied the paste.

    The heatsink (Thermalright Ultra-120) came with some white paste which I believe would be silicone based, not metallic, which I did not use. Should I use that instead?

    I'm averaging between 38-48 or so from idle to load. By load I mean I"m recording 2 channels at once from my tv tuner while watching one of them on vista media center. When I stop media center, the temps still stay around 38 and I think they should be lower.

    I've only done this 2 days ago and maybe I should wait longer for the temps to get lower? BTW, the heatsink is barely warm to the touch, shouldn't it be quite hot?

    A friend of mine says his are 26 or so at idle and that sounds too low! Mind you, he has extra fans on his case and I'm trying to keep mine quiet. Maybe I need better airflow for my case? I've currently got a 120mm fan on the heatsink and 1 more 120mm fan in front of the case, blowing air outwards. I've read in many places that this is wrong and it should be *sucking* in air from outside, not pushing it out? I'm also supposed to add 1 more fan to the back of the case?
  2. honvetops

    honvetops TS Rookie

    thats about right, never complain about too low.... only be concerned about too hot. If it all seems ok and your worried about low idle temp I wouldn't worry.
    the fan placement that i see pretty much standard is always blowing out the back, with everything else brining air in. Put the 120 on the rear blowing out, asap. That should be fine.
  3. kerneljack

    kerneljack TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry, honvetops, but I didn't understand your reply. do you mean my friend's temp of 26 is about right? or is mine of 38-48 about right?
  4. honvetops

    honvetops TS Rookie

    sorry, kinda confusing tell me the exact cpu you have and I'll get you the specs*
  5. smaurer69

    smaurer69 TS Rookie

    I have an AM2 4600 and it idles at about 32-34 but it does get up to 47-48 while gamming. I'm just using the stock cooler assembled by Mwave where i bought it from. But I do believe the standard air flow should be an air intake fan at the front of the case and a rear exhaust fan at the back.
  6. honvetops

    honvetops TS Rookie

    different temps from owners*

    1. Well AM2 is fairly new and the new bracket system might inspire more CPU coolers. I would wait. If it helps I'll give you my temps I got with mine I used PC Wizard to measure, I have a Sonata II (two 120mm tricool fans, one on low the other on medium) .

    AM2 X2 4600 stock HSF and clock speed
    Idle:41 to 43C
    7600gt 605/1620=54C

    2. 4600 X2 Overclocking Problems (and here's his problems below*)

    The other problem ive been having is my cpu's idle temp is only 34, but the second it gets loaded, it shoots up to 50-52, with no overclock. As time goes on, its load temp seems to get higher and higher (ive had this comp for about a year). I tried installing a new heatsinc and fan (XP-120, most powerful fan I could find, also happens to be incredibly loud), and that decreased temps for a time, but 52 at load seems really high, especially with that heatsync on there. I suppose its possible I could have installed the heatsync incorrectly, or incorrectly applied the thermal paste (arctic silver 5), but I was pretty careful when I did it the first time.

    3. Summary:
    Very fast and runs pretty cool. I have it OCed to 2.8 (280x10) running at 34 idle and 49 load. this is using a zalman 9500.

    4. Pros: This CPU Runs cool and Overclocks!!!
    Cons: Non that I can see.
    Other Thoughts: I had the 89W version at first and was able to clock to 236 FSB. With 230 Stable. Running at 48 to 60C. Now I have 65W and I'm running at 246 (2955) No problems. Running at 34 to 53C

    5. Cons: Get an all copper heatsink/fan if you have a hot environment or want to run BOINC class compute bound programs. With a copper heatsink, my 4600 runs at 40 C under full load in a warm environment.
    Other Thoughts: I don't often write reviews or praise products, but this one is pretty darn good.

    I found all this just doing a google search on your cpu and little reading, 90%
    of all forum questions can be answered doing this, I am not trying to be mean at all but- the internet is a great tool . The other forum I belong to slams people to always do the google first*

    I guess temps can always be lowered in genearl with a fan/heatsink upgrade from the ones you get from the manufacturer. I find zalman products most pleasant on the eye and very effective.
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