AMD is smashing Intel in retail desktop CPU sales


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22% overall market share means quite a lot because it proves Intel just cannot sell long term just because it's Intel. AMD has better products everywhere and continuously eat Intel's market share. AMD continues to gain more market share and that's smashing. Overall market share doesn't mean much. If you look at overall GPU market share, Intel has around 60% vs Nvidia's and AMD's 20%. So Intel is smashing AMD and Nvidia on GPU side 🤔
MindFactory is one (1) store in Germany. Statistically, an N of one (1) has no valid significance, essentially being an anecdotal report. That doesn't smash much.

Since this story did not, let me help you read this, DID NOT address GPUs, your comment is irrelevant to what I said. If this is important, start your own comment rather than replying to mine


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Like Steam survey promoters say: "this is best we got". Mindfactory actual sales statistics are best statistics available and they are miles better than Steam survey crap. So yes, they are pretty significant.

You did not address GPU's. Where did I claim that? But. You say that on CPU side AMD is not smashing "because low overall market share". AMD's overall CPU market share happens to be around same as overall GPU market share 🤔 🤔 Then what actually "overall market share" tells? Not much.