Amd Processor is too hot - 63 C -- Help

By PCTechie316
May 23, 2005
  1. I have a brand new amd athlon 3400 processor in my my new computer. The processor came with a retail heatsink and it said i need to use that one or the warrenty would void. So I put the processor on and put the heatsink on and everything went on right. I'm monitoring my computer and the cpu temp is at 63 C when its using 100% load. When it's not its has about 49 - 51 C temp. I ran Prime 95 for about 3 hours and the proccesor stayed at about 63 - 64 C with no errors. So the processor is stable, it just needs to lower the temp. How can i lower the temp. I was told to remove the heatsink and get a nice one and put arcitc thermal compound on it. I think its just the retail heatsink is so crappy. It even came with a pad insted of paste. What can I do?
  2. Samstoned

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    If you used the oem heatsink it may have the thermal sticker that melts to the cpu
    it should have seated by now so the only thing I can think of is your case
    is not letting the hot air out
    does the oem fan blow in toward the chip or out
    if out reverse fan ,it may increase noise level ,but cooling will be better.
    it would help to add an incoming fan and an out going fan
    incoming in the bottom front out going top rear(below the PSU)
    assuming you have a tower case
    If you decide to remove the heatsink be careful the sticker really glues itself to cpu
    last dumb ? did you remember to remove the protective flim from sticker
    ingnore this ? if used thermal grease
  3. PCTechie316

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    I have the antec Super lan boy case. With two 120mm fans. The front one blows in towards the case while the other fan blows out. the case is known to be a really good case for air flow. I think its the heatsink.
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