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AMD Processor upgrade

By COLT-TD ยท 5 replies
Sep 24, 2007
  1. Hi ya'll, I'm kinda new here so please be patient.
    I have and older E-Machine W1500 with a AMD Athalon XP 1600 processor, (And yes, I had already upgraded the P.S. to a 350watt) Everything works great. Last week a friend of mine gave me his dead E-machine Model# T2460. It came with a AMD Athalon 2400 XP Processor. (Guess he didn't upgrade his P.S. soon enough) So I said to myself..."Self? Why don't I take the 2400 processor out of this dead machine and put it in my W1500/1600 machine as an upgrade?" So I did and it does run fine. I put a Nvidia G-force 5200 128MB videocard and wow! this machine screams! I then went into my device manager to check out the processor and I saw a "Unknown Processor" message in the sub-folder. Now my W1500 came with a AM35 board and this dead T2460 came with a AM37 board. Someone said to me, I needed to upgrade the bios versions for the 2400 processor chip. So, My question is, How can I do this? Do I log on to E-Machine support and download the bios version for the AM37 board which came with the 2400 processor? or do I download the bios for the AM35 which came with the 1600 processor?
    Did E-Machine ever put a 2400 processor in it's older AM35 board?
    Any solutions from you fine geeks? Thanks.
  2. AlbertLionheart

    AlbertLionheart TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,997

    Not sure what you mean by a screaming machine - if it goes like the clappers, leave it alone. Just watch the heat as AMDs run hotter than Intel.
    If it makes a screaming noise, put it back to where you found it!
  3. KingCody

    KingCody TS Evangelist Posts: 964   +8

    if the new processor works and is noticably faster (to you at least) than your old processor was, then don't worry about it. just enjoy your faster machine :)

    Just make sure you switched the heatsink as well, because the heatsink that was on your 1600 may not be sufficient enough for the faster 2400.


    that's a pretty generalized statement, and it's also wrong. yes, some AMD models run hotter than Intels, and some Intel models run hotter than AMDs. you need to compare individual CPU models, not the company that makes it.

    In fact in COLT-TD's case, he has an Athlon-XP. these models were designed to compete (and out-perform) Pentium-4's. and they generally run cooler than their P4 counterparts (that is why they use a smaller heatsink than the P4's had)

  4. Cinders

    Cinders TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 867   +12

    I looked at the emachines website and there doesn't seem to be any updated BIOS for your computer, or for any of the other computers I briefly looked at. The front side bus for both processors runs at 133MHz, so your new processor is probably actually running at its rated speed of 2GHz. You can try to contact emachines for a new BIOS but they will probably tell you that they don't support that machine any more.
  5. COLT-TD

    COLT-TD TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thats a good point about the heatsink change. I did compare the two and both looked about the same so I stuck with the old one. Now after you mentioned this, I'd better put the original heatsink on that came with the 2400. Thanks man.
  6. COLT-TD

    COLT-TD TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Your right. I was already on the site and they had no support for this machine. Right now, I ordered from tigerdirect a Nvidia G-force 256MB AGP card for 49.00 and I'm currently running 1.5 gb of ram memory. The Processor is showing 1.99GHZ (Allmost 2GHZ) but it sure is a step up from 1.5GHZ.
    I also loaded the new Command & Conquer game and it runs quite well on medium graphic settings with the old 128MB Card. Thanks for your time and effort. Your all great guys.
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