AMD reveals initial lineup of FSR 2.0 games, including Microsoft Flight Simulator

Daniel Sims

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Something to look forward to: The first game to support AMD's new FSR 2.0 upscaler was Deathloop, which compares favorably to Nvidia's DLSS. Recently, AMD revealed a dozen more titles that will receive FSR 2.0 this year, one of which has already gotten the update.

The list of initial games supporting AMD FSR 2.0 is out and includes a dozen upcoming releases and already-available titles. Earlier this month, Asobo announced that it's adding the technology to Microsoft Flight Simulator, though with no timeline for when we'll see it. On Tuesday, Giants Software made Farming Simulator 22 the second game to employ the new upscaler. Two more games adding FSR 2.0 are Eve Online and Obsidian Entertainment's Grounded.

The biggest upcoming release supporting FSR 2.0 is Square Enix's Forspoken, launching in October. Other games include Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, blockchain game Delysium, Overprime, NiShuiHan, Perfect World Remake, Swordsman Remake, and Unknown 9: Awakening. Other games already using FSR 1.0 that could theoretically see 2.0 support soon include Resident Evil Village, God of War, Far Cry 6, Quake II RTX, Death Stranding, Cyberpunk 2077, No Man's Sky, and others.

Deathloop's support of DLSS allowed for immediate comparison with FSR 2.0, but a one-game sample doesn't tell us much. Farming Simulator 22 also has DLSS, so expect more comparisons to appear soon. Microsoft Flight Simulator will add DLSS and FSR 1.0 in July. That particularly demanding game could provide a more telling face-off when it upgrades to FSR 2.0.

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Not exactly an exciting list tbh. It's sad because AMD cards are legitimately a better deal right now prices landing where they are, but imho this is why as we've been to this dance before: Nvidia announces and launches a big feature first, AMD follows through with one that they promise is just as good, easier to implement by any dev and the end result is that far fewer and far less popular games actually get the AMD version of said feature.

It just doesn't helps them shake off the definitive off brand feeling you get from their software support and games it's always "Oh you might get 1 or 2 big name games to support AMD features and then it just fizzles out" Public perception, let's just say it isn't going to change at all with this list.


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For a feature announced so shortly, this is quite nice list. It should quickly proove itself and we will see more people jumping on that boat.
With info from deadloop it might be another success on scale of freesync.


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Low FPS games should be on there. CP2077, RDR2, Watch Dogs Legion. FC6, Death Stranding, AC Valhalla could always use more FPS. MSFS is good, though.
Ideally yes. But due to the fact that additional development time is required, so developers may not want to commit to implementing another upscaling technology on a game that was released few years back. And unlike FSR 1.0 where developers have claimed that it was a breeze to implement, FSR 2.0 will require quite a lot more effort to get it to work properly.


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And unlike FSR 1.0 where developers have claimed that it was a breeze to implement, FSR 2.0 will require quite a lot more effort to get it to work properly.
Any source to that information? Seen some tweets stating it is fine, so not sure why should there be more effort. It is temporal reconstruction, shouldn't require much code overhead.


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What a disappointing list. Layer on top of that the image quality and performance penalty shortcomings and AMD really needs to improve all three before this can be anything close to a DLSS killer.

Great for people without RTX cards? sure, it's certainly better than nothing, and better than FSR 1.0 - but this being any semblance of what will end up being the premier reconstruction technique very much remains to be seen.

George Keech

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Naah...It seems like Microsoft is ahead in some sort of deal with AMD
Do you really think that? Or could it be that Microsoft games are built for there consoles that have less custom architecture than Sonys (both AMD chips but Sony has a custom version compared to MS) so moving it over it much easier - also for it to be worth anything MS would want some big names up there not just MSFS and Grounded

George Keech

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I used FSR1 on X4 Foundation and I was really surprised. The game is no looker but for games like that where you spend most of your time in empty space. a boost to 40fp from 20fps @4K is amazing - especially given I couldn't really tell the difference too much - as said before I think space games probably benefit more due to a lot of blackness.


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Naah...It seems like Microsoft is ahead in some sort of deal with AMD
If MS and Sony are smart (which is often debatable), they will both leverage the hell out of this on consoles.
Nintendo could do DLSS on the next Switch, but when does Nintendo ever do the expected thing that makes sense?