AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Review: i9-10900K Versus

Okay I have a question. Yes the 5900X is far superior than the Intel counterpart. But when you compare it to the i7-10700K I see the latter having better value. Not only does it seem to outperform or match the 5900X on tons of games but is significantly cheaper. I'm confused. Am I missing something? Why aren't people suggesting the 10700K when it's obvious offering the best value per frame for a high-end cpu?
Well, zen 3 is good cpu,but its amd's latest brnd new answer intel 10900k cpu.
we must remembe that intel rocket lake is answer for zen3 and that cpu is maded for gaming, and what I see and heard, bet easily zen all versions for gaming.
rocket lake coming march 2021.

so lets wait intel turn.

last, real compare we see when intel release its 10nm hydrib cpu june 2021,so,as I say its 10nm meded and also have hydrib technic.
that cpu battle amd zen3 all performance.and that cpu I heard only goodies, beware amd.

anyway, zen cpu are very good,excellent,no doubt for that.
but its useless to compare fair game for 14nm cpu for 7nm,its just look hmm, not fear, but still, intel 14nm cpu battle very good, so, how about 10nm and any1 can imagine if wnd when intel get its own 7nm cpu against amd zen3 7nm beside..what happends... quaestion is then, is it amd 7nm zen 3 so good then.

intel meteor lake show it, but 2022,and,even amd get zen4 and 5nm its till so much same level then.

let see. 2021 year shows so much.


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Due to the current insane demand for the 5000 series, you can get 3950x for less than 5900x, which makes it a far better choice.

However, i9-10900 (10-core) is available for even cheaper than that, so when it comes to real value, it is an open question, whether the super-speculative premium for AMD is worth it.