America's Army Recon Released (FULL GAME)

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I've downloaded the game which AFAIK is a free full game not a demo and i've completed the first set of "basic training" single player missions.

To complete "infantry training" you have to then play a map online called MOUT_McKenna which puts your basic training into practice in a team objecive based scenario.

There's hardly any servers on GameSpy at the moment and mostly all full so its hard to find a game to get into to progress through the game training.

I managed to get onto one of these servers and after winning the match with 4 out of 7 rounds, the game happens to CRASH thus doesn't make a key change in the game to allow you to progress.

[I found a lot of people playing the map that obviously don't know what they're doing which you can tell by the point scores i.e. u get most points for securing the objectives points that wins a round]

I just wanted to know if anyone else has experience the same crashing bug that prevent you from progressing.

Otherwise, i think its a very good game better than CS easily. :grinthumb


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It should be a very good game if the money they put into the development is any indicator. That game is part of the US Army's new recruiting strategy. If I were you, I'd send them feedback about any problems you have, I'm sure they would like to fix it, after all the better the game plays, the better it will work as a recruiting tool.

I heard the game is also supposed to be available on CD, also free from a few gaming mags as well as your local recruiting office.


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I just heard about this game today on the News. I don't know if this will really have any affect on recruiting young men into the US Army though. But from what I saw on the tele it looked graphically "decent". $6 Million they spent on it, so hopefully it wasn't all taxpayer money down the drain.


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I downloaded the 200mb demo and installed it but unfortunately this was from work (since my home connection is 56k at the moment and I really can't be bothered trying to play anything on 56k) and it tried to install that damned Steam thing from Valve software. Unfortunately this had problems connecting through my works network so I never got to try it. Might experiment over 56k just to get a look at it. I'll let you know if I experience any problems if and when I do try it out.
Looks good.

Servers have been bad, but they are coming around. Last night I finally got good pings and played for a few hours and was quite impressed. I can't wait for the full game (the demo is just training matches, no killing terrorists yet). A dedicated server patch is supposed to come out this week, wich is good cause I have never been a big fan of gamespy.

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Re: Looks good.

Originally posted by illuminati_33
I can't wait for the full game (the demo is just training matches, no killing terrorists yet).
Its already a full free game with free addon missions being released later.

Its not a demo by any means, its a free game with free expansion packs to add more missions/maps.


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the 200MB is only a Demo or is it the full game?

if it's only a Demo, then where to get the full game?
i looked around the site, the download page only direct me to the 200MB file.

Maybe snowy knows more then all the previews I have read, but what I have heard many, many times is that this first release is the demo, allright, a big demo. If you look at the previews for the full games online play, the practice (get hit, sit down) guns are non-existent. Online will be like CS army vs. terrorist, except that the team you are on will always be army and against terrorist, and vise versa. So when you play the team you play against, even though when they play they will be army, to you they will look like terrorists, and vise versa. Guns will be ultra realistic and will actually kill people. This game will coincide with soldiers, wich will be an almost sims like army game. You can use your same character in both games, the army attempting to show both sides, the conflict and the life/interactive lifestyle. Until the full version of operations is released, supposedly next month (though after their problems i wouldn't be sure), you will only get wargames type training. Soldiers will be released at a later date.


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cant wait for tha Army to see huge lineup of computer geeks wantin to join tha Army:haha: :haha: :haha:


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i just hate it when i have to wait for the next round, just like CS...
i don't want to hate this game like i hate CS,
but the waiting between each round is way too long.

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Originally posted by SleeperDC
i almost fall into sleep between rounds...:p
Solution: Stay alive longer till the end, kill or be killed and complete the objective whilst your at it.


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This game is the first ever to be released using the new Unreal engine, released even before Unreal 2003 itself!!! I am in the process of downloading it now if only for that factor. I have to see that engine in action. Only got about another 120 meg to dl on my 56k, ill keep you informed of how it plays in a few weeks time when i finish downloading :haha:

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It uses the Unreal Warfare engine which is obviously newer than the Unreal Tournament engine but not quite the same as the mind-boggling Unreal Tournament 2003 engine. :)


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Finished download and played

Ok guys, heres a sitrep...

To start of with, i will clear up the question of "Is this a full game?". Yes, it is, but it is *Multiplayer Only*, which i havent seen anyone else mention in this post. Sure there are 4 single player training missions, but you will easily complete and get bored of these. You have to complete each one before you can play on-line, connecting to the net after each to update your soldier profile. The four training missions that come with the basic 200mb download are:

1. Rifle Marksmanship. With pop up targets

2. Obstacle Course. Extremely basic and easy

3. US Weapons. Another shooting range where you can test more beefier weapons and grenades (smoke, flash, and normal nades) Smoke nades are the best i have ever seen :grinthumb

4.MOUT Training. This is a map where you have to walk around with night-vision on shooting terrorist targets. Quite basic.

Once youve done all these your a qualified soldier and you can play online.

I connected through the gamespy client, where there are now loads of servers, and it didnt take me long to get playing a map.
Now the graphics i will say are sublime. The characters remind me of RTCWolfenstein's, and the mist effects and such give a good eerie feel. The landscapes and tree's are fantastically realistic. The maps i tried were alot about camping, so if you hate this then dont bother downloading.
You have to wait eons between maps if you get two people who are camping down and not budging, which we all know is the most enfuriating of scenarios!!! :mad:
But this is free :D , and considering this is new graphics technology, i didnt lag too badly even on my 56k!. Well, lets just say that it was reaonably playable :)

Think Ghost Recon, Operation Flashpoint (but easier to play), with a slight dash of Hidden and Dangerous- and you will have an idea of what this is like.
Im not sure if CS fans will take to this though, as it is based on realism, so you die fast if your spotted. Its no quick fix, and you have to use your brain to survive.

All in all i was glad i downloaded it just to see the graphics engine and to put an end to my curiosity through all the hype ive read in magazines. Its realistic, easy to get into, and the weapons feel and look excellent.
Download this if your on Broadband and your onto a winner! :slurp:

There are a couple more patches that you can now download at about 20 megs each, these are 1.Airborn ranger patch where you can parachute, and, 2. Marksmanship patch with sniper school training. But i dont know what they are like, or if they include new on-line maps cos i havent downloaded them yet. Theres supposed to be alot of bugs though according to the Amercias Army forum :(

Ok thats all, hope this is comprehensive enough, if i get the new patches i will keep you updated, but for now...



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Get it off a magazine

I was in WHSmiths today (dont know if you have them in America and other places), and i saw the latest copy of 'PC Zone' magazine. It has the Americas Army game on the coverdisks. Just thought ide let you know to save any 56k'ers an arduous download ;)

Dont mean to plug all the mags but 'PC Format' Has it on coverdisks too! :)

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Re: Get it off a magazine

Originally posted by Nazobyte
I was in WHSmiths the today (dont know if you have them in America and other places), and i saw the latest copy of 'PC Zone' magazine. It has the Americas Army game on the coverdisks. Just thought ide let you know to save any 56k'ers an arduous download ;)
I used to subscribe to PCZone magazine for over 2 years until I got ADSL whereby I could always get the latest demos ahead of the magazines.


The thing about this Army Ops game is that its a free game with unfinished addons being released and therefore I think the army will release a CD version of the game with more addons later on for those that would not be downloading it.


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lol I found it...I just went to

I would like it but since all the textures flash the hell out of my eyes, it almost gave me a seizure....

Right now I can't be assed to tweak around my video card settings...I'll do it some other time...

And since I absolutely hate how sensitive Ghost Recon's reticle is I can't play that, unless I'm a sniper...:(


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I am the man.


Too bad that's the farthest I've ever gotten in the game...I can't even log in to upload my results.

This pic is scaled down from 1600x1200...


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