Amount of space in hard drive problem.

By Cloudhigh · 5 replies
Feb 15, 2006
  1. I am having a bad problem with my 145GB hard drive (NTFS), for some reason I only have 2gigs left and in no way i have used up 140gigs. I have only 4 games installed on my computer that use up around 2 gig each game which is the biggest thing i have on my comp. I looked under disk management and it also says only 2gig left, 1%. I know I am missing around 100+ gigs and not sure where it went. I have already done disk cleanup and that got me back maybe around 500mb or so but still missing a lot. The only thing I do is play games and talk to people and I don't download movies/mp3s or anything like that. I didn't know if I should put this in the hard drive forum or the security forum since I have no idea if it is a virus of some sort or my hard drive is messing up. I have run nortons Virus scan and it found nothing. I am stuck and not sure what to do.

    Please help if you have any idea of whats going on.

    P.S. The hard drive came with the computer which I bought new last year around October.
  2. Peddant

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    Norton AV? Ah.
    Try emptying the protected recycle bin (It's called something like that). It is found under the normal recycle bin list.You might have to turn off auto protect to delete the files.
    I`d be suprised if it was 100GB worth though.AVG is a better AV.
  3. PanicX

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    Open up My Computer then open up C:\. Go to the Tools menu, select Folder Options. Click the View tab and then select Show hidden files and folders then uncheck Hide protected operating sytem files (Recommended) then click OK.

    Examine the contects of the C:\ folder for anything taking up 100 gigs of space. The biggest file should be your Pagefile. If nothing looks out of the ordinary, then Right Click each folder and check their sizes. When you come across a folder which is inexplicably large, open it up and repeat this process until you locate your problem.
  4. Nodsu

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    Or just download/install Sequoia View..
  5. Cloudhigh

    Cloudhigh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    heh, What am i looking for that is out of the ordinary? I see the pagefile which is over a GB(1.31) and i also see hiberfil system file which is .99GB. Those are the only 2 files I see that were high. I ran a different virus scan and found a few viruses and got rid of them so now I am thinking it was because of a virus I had. I should of posted in the other forum.. =/ Am I able to get back my wasted space that was caused by a virus?
  6. PanicX

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    Go to each folder in C:\ right click the folder and choose properties. Observe the Size on Disk and determine if the space is used by that folder.
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