Analog error message on my LG monitor !

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Oct 28, 2007
  1. I changed my computer's screen resolution. All of a sudden, i get an error message: Analog out of range 74.1 Khz / 60 Khz whenever i boot my computer (after the log on screen) what do i do to fix this ? I'm running LINUX-Ubuntu so going safe mode and changing the resolution there won't work - help?:)
  2. pdyckman@comcas

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    Pulling out your motherboard battery (after you unplug power cord) may set your bios back to a default setting that will allow your monitor to operate again. Good Luck. (Wait about thirty seconds before you replace battery).
  3. J0ySp1c3

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    Sorry, i'm a newbie, and just WHAT is the motherboard / Powercord?
    Might have a clue just what the powercord is though but motherboard? I'd love an explanation lol :)
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    Sounds like you have chosen an unuseable setting,Restart in safe mode
    and change it back to the one that worked.
    Go to settings /advanced/monitor/and check hide modes.
    Then get your list of useable settings.
    But you may not be connecting it right.You havn't said if it was
    LCD or CRT or if your video card takes both.You might need a DVI-D cable
    if both are LCD for best results.

    Right click desktop for Propertys.
  5. J0ySp1c3

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    Okay, i'll try that :) thanks

    Now, this is what i do: I restart my computer (Linux/Ubuntu) in safe mode (log-in screen right?)
    I get either DEL to enter Setup, or F12 to boot menu. I've tried both, no settings, nothing. Then at the login screen, theres options -> Restart, shut down or Suspend. And remote login via XDMCP ( no idea what that is), select language & select session. I can't really find any settings button anywhere. Yes, i know that my monitor is connected correctly etc. and i believe its LCD.
  6. zipperman

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    Absolutly NO

    You didn't say it was Linux.I assumed Windows possibly XP
    Please put your OS in your first post.I don't know what
    Ubuntu refers to,say Linux.
    Start a new post with this in Topic title in
    The alternative OS Forum
  7. J0ySp1c3

    J0ySp1c3 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay, reposted this on alternative OS forums:) and i should have mentioned that i'm running Linux in the first place as you said, lol thanks ;)
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