annoying new hardware wizard/sp2

By Iam138
Mar 14, 2007
  1. ok so i just installed a NVIDIA GeForce MX 4000 graphics card in PCI Slot 1 to improve the performance and look of Window Blinds 5.0/Crystal XP Vista Inspirat(not a big gamer so i figured thats all i needed) anyway this did the trick nicley. I uninstalled all the integrated graphics drivers (VIA/S3G UniChrome) before installing the new card like i said the new card is working great and there are no conflicts however after EVERY reboot i get the new hardware wizard popping up wanting me install the integrated graphics of course i cancled this however when i go to the the hardware manager there they are again. I finally just disabled them (the UniChrome) and that solved the problem however i would like to find a more permanent solution to this in case i have to do a system restore or have to re-install my NVIDIA drivers for some reason. Also cpu-z identifys my graphic interface as being the AGP Version 2.0 regardless of what i do. My mobo is an MSI/MS-6734 w/KM 400 chipset and Pheonix 6.00 PG bios my cpu is an AMD XP 3000+ i doubt you need all that info but i thought i'd be thorough. If this topic has been adressed please direct me to the thread as i looked before posting this but that don't mean my burnout *** found it. Thanks
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