another #45 crc error,is my data gone?

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Sep 11, 2006
  1. hey yall, i'm a noob to the forum.....hopefully not another kinda noob....! :)

    ok, i have the old "CRC hd error" on a fairly new Seagate 250 gig IDE HD. I installed it back in July as a new, outa the box drive. It is and was only to be used as a storage drive---that's it. there is NO OS on it.

    I moved about 100gig of files off a seperate Sata Linux drive to the Seagate Ide drive. i went to re-load my files and BAM, the crc data error. i ran chkdsk from C: drive. it just diappeared....i don't think it ran. in Partition Magic 8, i ran check properties and another #45 crc error.

    i had no warning whatsoever. the HD was solid from the gitgo. i must admit, i had to reload my C: drive with XP after trying to load Linux. Then i had to repair Windows a couple of times.

    Is there any chance in hell of recovering this drive? Partition Magic does not actually see it except for the little question mark errors.

    BTW, I noticed the Seagate tool here on this forum. unfortunately, it's only for Intel--i'm running AMD. Any suggestions?
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    Seagate have a disk here that does drive tests, It says intel compatible, So from that I read that it will work with Intel amongst others, so I think its gonna be Ok for your AMD.

  3. half_fish

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    thanks 600, it worked. seatools that is.......! here's the results for my hard drive. it don't look good, i'm talking to a pro tomorrow to see how much they charge. i tried everything, test, i could think of----ending up with the Seatools scans.

    I'm pissed at Seagate drives. I took a chance on this one but i've always bought Maxtor before. the one Maxtor i had go bad at least warned me with errors but still worked till i got rid of it. BUT---this G***D*** thing just died with no warning after 2 months........arrrrgh. i know one thing, I'll never buy another and IF--- i can get my data back, i'm getting my money back. argargargargargarag-----pissed

    Full Scan (0 to 488397168) - Errors
    |LBA |Error Register|
    |6160436 |40h |
    |6160461 |40h |
    |6291526 |40h |
    |244198620 |40h |
    Long Test Failed: 12-Sep-2006 23:59:49

    End results from Seagate's DiagATA/SCSI

    The Following Sectors MAY be damaged
    LBA: 6160436
    STATUS: Write-reallocation FAILED
    USAGE: Unresolvable

    LBA: 6160461
    STATUS: Write-reallocation FAILED
    USAGE: Unresolvable

    LBA: 6291526
    STATUS: Write-reallocation FAILED
    USAGE: Unresolvable

    LBA: 244198620
    STATUS: Write-reallocation FAILED
    USAGE: Unresolvable

    File Structure Test Result:

    Partition 1 (NTFS (250 GB) }) Result: Failed with critical Errors

    The following errors were found while scanning the volume:
    - Errors were found in one or more file records
    - One or more errors were found in the index
    - One or more errors were found in metadata file records
    - Other errors were found

    NOTE: Any report of possible errors in the file system tests are for
    informational purposes only. We suggest you should consider testing with
    the official file system diagnostic utilities for your operating system.
    Seagate is not able to assist with troubleshooting or reviewing
    file system test results.


    If you are not experiencing data loss and SeaTools reports File
    System Structure errors, they may be caused by a lock-up or
    failure to shutdown Windows correctly. Many times, these errors
    may be repaired through normal system maintenance which
    includes using the Windows provided "Defrag" and
    "Scandisk / Chkdsk / Error Checking" utilities.

    If you are experiencing a hardware error, you should isolate
    the cause and replace the failing component. If you are unsure how
    to proceed with repairs, contact a computer professional. After
    completing any maintenance tasks, run SeaTools again to
    verify that all errors have been repaired. If errors continue to
    occur, the system may not be stable. Again, contact a computer

    If you have experienced a data loss, cease drive operation
    immediately. Professional data recovery service is the best
    option to recover your data.
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    I usually rate Seagate as a good drive, and Maxtor I wouldn't touch, we have had many Maxtor drives go bad in my job, I'm sorry to hear that it may end up costing to recover the data, but thats why many pro's use RAID as a backup system, its more reliable.

    In future I would suggest, that if the data is valuable, you consider a system of multiple drive backup, just in case.

  5. half_fish

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    thanks, yea i had a Seagate back in 99 that was bad to.i didn't learn my lesson then. (sorry, have had better luck with Maxtors) yea, i may look at raid----again. i never thought a drive would just have a massive heartattack like that. they always warned ya when ya needed a bypass before hand......
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