Another ATI locking up problem

By richman10302
Dec 30, 2005
  1. Hello all i am having a very big ATI radeon 9550 256 AGP 8x video card problem

    no matter what drivers i use,what game i play or even sometimes just looking around on my computer the video card locks up and i get a VPU recover error.

    i am updating from my nvidia mx 420 64 mb card which i am using right now i took the radeon out untill i find out what the problem is.

    i got the card for christmas along with a 200 gb hd that i just installed a fresh version of windows xp home ediiton on,so it was brand new all in all

    here are my specs:

    AMD 64 2800+ processor
    768 DDR333 ram
    mobo:Giga-byte GA-K8VM800M

    I dont think overheating is an issue here i ran 3D benchmarks and the card is cool to the touch plus i have 4 80mm fans in their and my current nvidia card doesnt even have a heatstink/'s a 4 year old clunker lol

    i also read/got advice that maybe it was the AGP i disabled that..still locked i even tried to lower my AGP setting to 4x still no luck

    please help i am at the end of my rope

    Thanks :approve:

    p.s i did not overclock the video card
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