another boot up problem

By southpaw
Nov 16, 2005
  1. First off this board is incredible with alot of knowledge and information. Hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction. The problem I have is with my kids cpu. It began acting virus infected with alot of "fatal error" messages followed by reboots and auto-shutdowns. Now the cpu will not boot up. After the power button is turned on all lights come on and the hard drive spools up but nothing on the monitor. No bias screen or anything. The fan is running along with all everything else.When a CD is loaded it also spools up for a few seconds but never does anything more. Is there anyway I can get past this or is this one done? Any help or direction will be greatly appreciated. Again great sight with alot of information.
  2. Rick

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    The fatal errors you were receiving are likely related to your issue. And I can tell you that your problem has nothing to do with a virus if your computer does not display a video signal.

    First, check the obvious - This may be a coincidence. For example, you were having blue screens before, but now your monitor cable has become disconnected so you have a blank screen. So naturally your first assumption might be a virus or system failure. :)

    After you check the obvious, we know that this is almost certainly a hardware problem. Judging by your description, the great probable causes include CPU (overheating, defective), video card (defective, improperly seated), memory (defective, improperly seated), power supply (defective) and board (defective, shorted).

    Out of those, I'd check the video card first. For example, something I might try is turning the computer off, pop it open, pull the video card out and reseat it inside the slot. Turn it back on and see if it works. If that doesn't work, then I might try to get ahold of another video card or remove your own video card and try it in someone else's system to cross check it. You may also have integrated graphics, so you can't remove the video in these systems.

    There's a lot of stuff to troubleshooting this kind of error. If you aren't skilled enough with handling these types of problems, you might be better off getting a computer service professional or knowledgable friend to help you out. Otherwise, you may not have the equipment etc.. necessary to effectively troubleshoot.

    Since there are no POST beeps, we don't have much to go on. There's so many reasons this kind of thing can happen. :(
  3. Surkitz

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    I'am going to add to Rick's remarks here and ditto on checking hardwares

    Another possibility is that your HD has bit the dust. My symptoms were similar to your on my old dell PII back in the day. I checked all my connections etc, but found out that it was my HD. Replaced it and all was well.
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