Another BSOD w/ IRQ not less than or equal to Post

By bman2005
Sep 22, 2006
  1. Hey!

    This is another BSOD (with tag IRQ not less than or equal to). I have read many posts here on the Techspot and they all have great advice and I have a action plan of how I am going to tackle this thing. Here is a quick rundown of what is going on. Perhaps someone can streamline the troubleshooting process:

    Running : AMD 4400+ x2 / 2 gb 3200 (corsair ram) / 7600 GT SLI eVGA / Antec 500w psu / A8N-SLI Mobo

    OS: XP Pro sp2

    The thing is, this computer has kicked but for the base 3 months. Rarely hick-ups or dumps. When it does, it's always it seems to always be user error.

    Last night, I am doing some serious cleaning. I uninstall many many programs (all flight simulator related) so I can do a fresh install of components that I need. All is well so far. I then run Registry Mechanic. It cleaned up a lot of stuff.

    I install perfect disk and vroooooooooooooom kaboooommm. BS0D. To this end, the computer will crash on normal startup just before Windows login window. Every time... exact location every time. Exact message "IRQ less than....".

    Since the issue, I have Safe mode rebooted, tried to uninstall what ever parts of Perfect Disk were installed, rerun Reg Mechanic and to no avail.
    Tried starting in last known good configuration and reset the BIOS. Still same issue at same time and place.

    Any thoughts as to directions I should head. 1)I highly doubt this is hardware related as this is brand new issue and just at the time that I uninstalled and installed new software. Too coincidental for me to start going buzzer on hardware components.

    Tell me about clearing some cache or some sort, or purging something. I can't help but feel something is just stuck in the windows boot or a page file or something that is causing this issue.

    Next stop - format c:.... fresh install. But before then what else should I try?

    Thanks in advance.

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