Another CIF Single Chip :URGENT:

By terasynthetic
Feb 26, 2007
  1. Ok, I've gone to every thread I can find on here and nothing is working right. I'm getting seriously frustrated. So, here's the deal:

    I bought a new cam. Stupid little thing from Walmart, but I figure that, hey... it's gotta be better than the one I have already. It's in this package: Webcams for Dummies. It's the cheapest one they have.
    I come home, and my CD drive won't read the disc. No problem, should have remembered my CD drive won't read ANY disc (it's broken).

    So, I bop around on the internet to try and find one. And I've got NOTHING.

    Here's the make and model number:

    When I plug it in the new hardware wizard thing pops up and says the infamous "CIF Single Chip". I'm irritated. Someone help me.

    If it helps any, I've lost the reciept to this cam.
  2. LadyProphetz

    LadyProphetz TS Rookie

    Did you ever find the software for the webcam for dummies because I lost my cd and i have a new computer and would like to install it...if you can help me e-mail me at thank you
  3. Rilla927

    Rilla927 TS Rookie Posts: 152

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