Another Crazy Product Key Problem

By shahrooz
Jun 1, 2007
  1. Hi there!

    You have the re-installation CD for Windows XP that came with your PC package when you first bought it. Then you format your HDD and use that CD to re-install windows. before doing that you use a key finder program to obtain the key that belongs to your system. Then you try to activate, windows rejects the key. You call Microsoft, they give you a validation ID. You input the nembers and click next. The validation ID is not valid!!! Wha? You just got it from a microsoft customer service representative! You try to call again. The automatic operator asks you for the 54 digits on your screen. Well, it's the same cause it matches your product key. Once done, the operator doesn't even let you talk to a live person and says: "Sorry we couldn't help you this time. Get it straight up and try later!" What would you then? Is my OS reinstallation good for trash can now? Am i screwed for no reason?
  2. poertner_1274

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    You shouldn't be out of luck just yet. Have you tried bypassing the automated system and tried talking to a human? That would be my first bet, keep pressing 0 or # until you find someone.

    However, it shouldn't be that hard. I'm out of answers otherwise.

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  3. shahrooz

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    Thank you. I really like it in here and got a lot of new info by reading different threads. I'm gonna try that little trick of yours today in hope of talking to a live person.
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