Another EMachine T2542 mobo problem

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May 30, 2006
  1. I bought an Emachine T2542 at a Turkey Day door buster 3 plus years ago. It worked fine until last week when it decided not to boot any more. I removed the side panel to peek inside while trying (again) to boot up. The CPU cooling fan was not spinning. I took it to a local "Mom and Pop" repair shop for evaluation. They verified my earlier finding then hooked the fan power (three pin) plug to another computer and the fan worked fine so they told me the Mobo was dead. I bought an Intel D845PEMLY Socket 478 mobo ( and installed it only to find the fan still doesn't work.
    Anyone have an idea what is going on?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. N3051M

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    did you install this motherboard yourself? or get someone else to do so?
    check for shorting to the metal case- confirm that you used those plastic standoffs when you've installed the motherboard..

    do you get any lights/fans other than the cpu running?

    it may as well been your psu that went along with your old motherboard to the grave.. try borrowing and installing a good quality psu (decent brands like antec, enermax etc.. beware of imitations) that is slightly higher watt ratings than your current ones (i'd say 350-400w should be fine) to test if it is the psu that is at fault.. i'm not too familiar with emachines but there may be a non-standard psu that will have to fit it...
  3. Advanced Rookie

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    I installed it myself and yes I used plastic stand-offs for all six attach screws.
    The new Mobo has a green LED which glows when powered and shows power to the board.
  4. N3051M

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    first i want you to try reseating all the PCI/Video cards, ram, power/molex conectors, cables and such.. that should at least rule out one thing..

    if that still wont work, pull everything apart untill you end up with just your motherboard, cpu, psu, 1 stick of ram, video and audio. try booting up.
    - if it does boot, install 1 component at a time untill you find your culprit.
    - if there is any beeps or error messages post them up.
    - if it doesnt boot, then its eliminated to either the psu, motherboard or cpu that needs testing..
  5. Advanced Rookie

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    Thanks For Your Help

    Well, I followed your suggestion and began re-inserting components. I started by bench testing the processor on an old mobo and it proved to be fine. I reinstalled Processor w/fan, memory sticks and video card and everything worked well. So, I'm certain the processor was the problem. I would figure that it wasn't properly seated. At least, things are going again and I'm on my way to a new and better computer system :)
    Thanks again for your help.
  6. N3051M

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    No worries.. have fun :)
  7. theblujuggalo

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    same computer SAME PROBLEM

    lemmme guess, when you plug it in the power supply fan kicks on but cant boot? wow this is wed=ird
  8. theblujuggalo

    theblujuggalo TS Rookie

    sorry how did you fix it?

    is a new mobo needed?
  9. N3051M

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    Every case is slightly different.. although it doesn't hurt to try his solution :)
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