Another mouse, another catch--more than one input device

By Lucious
Jun 27, 2005
  1. Hello all,

    I'm having some mouse problems, and I've read some relevant threads (ie However, i'm not sure if the same applies. Here's a little of what I have: description to follow.

    XP Pro
    I have a Kensington wireless mouse plugged into the machine's usb port
    PS/2 Keyboard
    A cheap cool-i drawing tablet (in usb hub)
    AMD 2.4 Gs
    1/2 gig mem
    Via motherboard (will lookup chipset if needed)
    Nvidea 64 meg card
    40 gig hd
    and crdrw etc

    Here's the issue. I aquired a new Kensington mouse, intelligently plugged in both that and my PS/2 mouse because I didn't know if I liked the new Kensington. It flaked out, causing erratic mouse movement, gliches in cursor glide, then kaput. Well, I know that I'm able (although not recommended) to have two mice. So I unplugged the Kensington and continued without a glitch using my old trusty rodent. Then came along my graphics tablet. It's pretty cheap, nothing fancy. I plugged it in, first to my usbhub, then directly into the port. The same problem as having two mice. I replaced the PS/2 mouse with the kensington, again (just for giggles). The mouse works fine, now. Plug in the tablet and the same tune plays. I have not yet tried just the tablet without the mouse (come to think of it). Should i completely avoid this type of set up, or is there a problem outside the user (be kind, i'm admitting stupidity).

    Thanks in advance.
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