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By kitrulsdawrld
Apr 21, 2009
  1. Hello everyone.

    My name's Ryan and i'm looking into maximizing what I have with my current computer(s) so i'll be doing some searching and posting to find out what would be my best route.

    I've got two computers at the moment:

    My main PC running Media Center Edition 2005. Its a Dell Dimension 5100 and it's a few years old, but running like a champ! Just upgraded the RAM from 512MB to 3.42GB or so it says (added two more 2GB strips, but i'm pretty sure the max it uses is 3.42 or somethin like that?) I've got two monitors hooked up to it and will be adding another here in a couple months. Makes things sooo much easier!

    I have another HP Computer that is oooooooooooooold. I'm pretty sure its running Millenium Edition and currently is sitting in the corner collecting dust. I stuck its hard drive onto my Dell for a little more storage space since this one is not being used.

    In a few months i'll be getting a laptop when I go off to college. Most likely will be a Dell Studio 17 with most of the bells and whisles.
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