Another noob Bob the PC builder ^^ need help

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Dec 11, 2004
  1. Ok I always wanted to build one finally got the guts too but wanted to start out small first. I have Amd Athlon xp 2100+, corsair 256mb ddr ram at 266mhz, pc chips m863g motherboard, sony dvd/cd combo drive, Hitachi 40gb hdd (thinks thats it). Well anyway Ive put it all together and I went to hit the power button and nothing happened. Wondering what could be the problem. I had problems reading the pin connectors in the manual could that be a problem maybe the switch isnt set up correctly? Thats where Im stuck atm. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I have another one to build exactly the same (kids want one too). do you read those pin outs for the hdd pwr/reset and led?
    ps2.first post woot!! :angel: :wave:
  2. matt_tee

    matt_tee TS Rookie

    What did it do, totally nothing? or did it try to post (could you hear the psu and fans)??? :confused:
  3. Sev1

    Sev1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nothing turned on from what I can see one of the led lights on the top of the case is faintly illuminated red. Which is what Im thinking is prolly the hdd light >< but yea I push the on switch and nothing happens no fans moving nothing.
  4. matt_tee

    matt_tee TS Rookie

    faulty psu?

    Sorry, i'm only a newbie... but could it be a faulty psu? if not, check all of your connections, make sure all of the jumpers on the motherboard are set correctly.(check your manual). sometimes, the most simple things are the ones that cause the most problems. :rolleyes:
  5. MrGaribaldi

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    Leave the case open so you can see if the fans spin, and try pushing the power button again...

    If they do, you know that the board is at least getting the power it should.

    If possible, make sure the PC Speaker is correctly connected, as it'll give a beep-code for any errors you encounter... (The motherboard manual should have a list of the relevant codes, or you can possibly find them here, but then you'll need to know what BIOS you've got)

    Make sure that the RAM is securely fastened, as they can stop a boot if they're not firmly connected.
    Alternatively, take out everything except the cpu (and HSF) and the video card.
    If it boots then, add the ram and try agian.
    If that works, add the rest of the components one by one until either all is connected and working, or one is stopping the boot process...
  6. JLaRue

    JLaRue TS Rookie

    Matt If you don't have power to the fans Please NOTE: this MOTHERBOAD takes TWO Power connectors A 20 PIN and a 4 pin. If your power supply doesn't have the 4 pin (NOT the flat ones with rounded edges those are for your Hard Drive/CD, DVD ...) square one comming from the power supply then your hosed you need to replace the power supply in your case. :eek:
  7. mailpup

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    Welcome to TechSpot, JLaRue. You probably didn't notice that Matt wasn't actually the one who had the problem and the thread was over one year old. Hopefully, Sev1, who started the thread has resolved his problem by now. :)
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