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Jun 11, 2006
  1. Hi everyone, as the title says, I'm suffering from a self rebooting problem. I've tried everything, from memcheck, to cleaning my system componets off dust and the such, but I haven't been able to find a specific cause to my problem, I just get a different bsod everytime. Also, I've been trying to read the minidumps myself, but I just can't seem to do it right, so please please please help me find the root of my problems!!!

    CPU: Intel P4 1.8ghz
    MB: AsRock GePro M2
    RAM:768mb ddr 333mhz (sometimes 512 or 256 as I tested ram sticks)

    Any help will be much, much appreciated, so thanks in advance.

    Oh and I don't know why but I'm suspecting of my sound card or something related to my mobo, but I'd rather let the minidump do the talk before buying a new mobo. Thanks again!
  2. kangaruffian

    kangaruffian TS Rookie Posts: 175

    first up date all drivers chipset, video, lan, etc
  3. DragonMaster

    DragonMaster TS Rookie Posts: 327

    Reset CMOS?
    What code is the BSOD telling? (I run Linux so I don't want to take the time to install windows, and then the program that takes half an hour to install to read the minidumps)
  4. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    Have you turned off automatic restart so you can see the BSOD stop code?
    Read the links in my sig and see if anything there applies to you.
    Has this just started, what's changed recently with the PC? New software or updates? New hardware?
    A crappy PSU is very common culprit with BSODs. What amps do you have on the 12V output? You can read this off the label. See the pic link in my sig line.
    In that example the 12V has 28A and the 5V has 32Amps.

  5. HuitZiloP

    HuitZiloP TS Rookie Topic Starter

    To Kangaruffian: Yes, I updated *every* single driver I could.
    To DragonMaster: It always ends in a different bsod stop code, the ones I wrote down before giving up were:


    - Stop: 0x000000D1(0X00000000,0X0000002,00000001,0X804CB856)


    - STOP:0X00000019(0X00000020,0XE174C878,0XE174CB0,0X0C070205)

    - Win32k.sys address BF83D1D3 base at BF800 datestamp 43446a58

    Please help me, I really did what is adviced in your sig! Thank you very much in advance!

    And here is my voltage info:
  6. kangaruffian

    kangaruffian TS Rookie Posts: 175

    Sounds like a IRQ sharing problem to me..

    Check device manager any IRQ conflick there..
    U can also try to remove that sound card and see whats happen
  7. that last one did it
    i had exactly the same problem and howie
    solved it with my onboard sound drivers
    i installed a card and walla problem gone

    hope this helps
  8. HuitZiloP

    HuitZiloP TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Since my sound card is integrated in the MoBo, I'll try and disable it in the bios config and I'll let you know. Thanks again!
  9. DragonMaster

    DragonMaster TS Rookie Posts: 327

    Onboard sound often works bad. If it doesn't work, maybe it's your RAM and you should get a pair of branded(Corsair or Kingston Value) RAM sticks to solve the problem.
  10. HuitZiloP

    HuitZiloP TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well I disabled the onboard sound and it worked *almost* ok, I worked the whole day just fine till I got another bsod a while ago, but this time I got a PFN_LIST_CORRUPT error. I don't understand, could it be my CPU? Also, I tested with a couple different RAM sticks, but I still get those errors. What is going on? Should I buy a new mobo? Another thing that's bugging me is the voltage: are those values reported by speedfan ok? I don't know that much about voltages, but the +12V and the -5V readings seem to be a little off the mark. Are those readings ok? Oh and my PSU is a 450w Omega. Thank you very much, any help will be greatly, greatly appreciated!
  11. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    Well according to Speedfan your CPU temp is 70C. For a P4 1.8GHz with a (Willamette/Northwood/Prescott/Prescott 2M) core the max temp is 78C.
    If I assume you took this Speedfan reading at more or less idle then your CPU temps under load will jump at least by 10C, but more likely 20C. Now that would be reset time for the CPU or it would at least throw a BSOD.

    Double check the temp measurement by running a 3D game app or something like SuperPI to work the CPU for several minutes, then reset the PC and on reboot press DEL or F2 to enter the BIOS. Scroll to PC health and check temps there.
    The idea is to do it quickly to capture the actual cpu temp underload.
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