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Feb 28, 2003
  1. Hello all,

    I have 3 questions.

    I have about $170 to spend...

    Should I buy more home theater speaker equipment or a complete computer speaker setup? If I got computer speakers I would simply hook up my receiver to my TV, that would be pretty nice. I would also buy a DVD/CD player for it, later down the road.

    For computer speakers, I was thinking of the 5.1 Altec Lansing 5100 or the 4.1 Altec Lansing 641. The 5100's look nicer, and of course are 5.1, but are very underpowered. The 641's are a beast, alot of wattage but of course 4.1, but they look pretty nice too. The 5100's are $119 and the 641's are $148. I think I would be more satisfied by the 641's - I'm a power hungry guy, especially when it comes to speakers. I'd primarily play games and listen to alot of music.

    My last question is this: for the home theater equipment should I buy new floorstanding speakers or a subwoofer? Currently I don't have a subwoofer, and my floorstanders now are damaged and sound incredibly bad. Can anyone reccomend to me some good, cheap floorstander or subwoofers? I had a few models in mind, by Cambridge Soundworks. Preferably from somewhere with free shipping :rolleyes:

    Thanks in advance!
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    I was faced with the exact same situation, I ended up getting the Altec Lansing 5100 speakers; they produce good quality sound and have a worthy woofer (necessary for gaming). If you get the 5100's, the first thing you will notice is that they are very small, in the pictures they seem to be a lot bigger! But don't be put off, I am very satisfied with mine and have had no trouble. I would only get the 641's if you have a larger room, but if you have a medium size room, definitely get the 5100's; 5.1 sound is much more crisp and clear. And as I said earlier, the woofer is going to be able to handle anything you throw at it without any distortion. Feel free to ask any questions, I know what it's like to be stuck between two products.:grinthumb
  3. Vehementi

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    I've seen the A-L 2100's before, and heard them. They sound really good for flat panel. Thing is, I don't really need the flat panels. I want big speakers, too. They even look more powerful. I'm picking up a new computer desk over the weekend and will have plenty of room for any kind of speakers I want. I have a pretty spacious room and want my speakers to fill it :D I've been drooling over the 641's for a long time now, you see, I don't think I could live with myself if i get a different speaker :D
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    Oh...a rather similar all depends on you Veh, no one's gonnna stop you from buying them except for yourself..different people have different opinions and suggestions, i personally pefer a computer speaker as it is affordable while others like SNGX and P66 love their receiver and speakers. It all depends on you, well form my point of view 641 is reasonable and requires burn in to fulfill its potential.

    As for the home theater, have you check BTW i tought you mom doesn't wants to see a sub in the house.
  5. Vehementi

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    She doesn't, but, she doesn't know I'm buying one...

    I got some Sennheiser HD500's awhile ago, I mainly use those when she's around. is really expensive. The cheapest floorstanders are $400 :rolleyes: I'm looking more at Best Buy.
  6. Vehementi

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    Well, (I think) I've made my decision.

    I'm buying floorstanders. They seem to be the best investment at the moment. Specifically these Pioneer S-H452F-K's. I am not ordering them yet, as I'm going to Best Buy and/or Circuit City on Tues. and may possibly find a better pair of speakers or something, and save $20 on shipping! Having two speaker sets in one 12x14 room would be a total waste. Plus these speakers (I'm sure) will sound a heck of alot better than any computer speaker set :rolleyes: Plus my monitor is bigger than my TV, and I would never use them! $250 down the drain!

    Yes, I love my receiver+speaker combo. I don't think I will go back to computer speakers :rolleyes:

    Next investment: subwoofer
    Next investment after that: New surround speakers
    Next investment after that: New center speaker

    You'll soon see some KLH junk on Ebay :rolleyes:

    Man, after I'm all done with this set, it'll be a blast :cool:
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