Mac Any new experiences with Mac OS X Server?

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So has anyone had a chance to give this OS a shot yet? I am hoping to hear some reversals of judgement on the Mac OS - especially after using this OS. I was never a big Mac fan in the past, but after using OS X I am. If you haven't had a chance, give it a try - I think you'll like it (and I don't mean try it for 30 minutes.)

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I was chatting to a chap recently who said that he loves the command line power of Linux, but hates the fact that he is always tweaking the thing to get it to work. (I myself have just spend several days trying to get a kernel to compile to get it to do what I want it to do, and its making my head hurt...) He also likes the fact that in Windows, things just (on the whole) work.

His solution has been to go with Mac OS X. And he hasn't looked back.

Years ago I heard of a rumour of an OS that was the Mac version of NT Server that would also run on a PC. I wish I could run Mac OS on my PC....
OS X was alright

I had a G4 533 that I paid over $2k. I ran OS X since it came out. Last week I sold my slow Mac and built my own PC. I was very pleased I did this. It was not nearly as expensive and I got a mobo w/onboard RAID and an Athlon XP 1700+ and a bunch of other goodies. OS X had a problem with kernel panic attacks. Although I can say I ran it 24/7 and for the most part it was stable, it was not worth the money. I run Mandrake 8.1, 2000 Advanced Server and NT 4.0 Server. I am happy as a clam now. There is not much tweakin' to do on a Mac. I had a network of 20 I dealt with at work. OS X had some issues connecting to Windows Servers. I had this problem at home and at work. Some say they didn't but most said they did. The interface was easy to navigate and smooth on the eyes. It doesn't have the scalability of NT servers or Linux. Hopefully they will improve this. All in all it was good but I would go with what I know and what I know works. Windows NT
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