Any one into Flight Simulator??

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Aug 16, 2005
  1. Just wondering how many people here are currently using Flight Sim? Also whether they are a member of

  2. tomcrackers

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    yeah, I owned Flight Sim 2000, which my then computer could just about handle, and had a bit of fun with it but honestly my joystick wasn't up to much and I was only eleven so I wasn't exactly the best pilot and my concentration was all over the place. eventually the disk got so scratched I had to chuck it but I miss it so. Couple years ago, though, I wanted to buy it again but had to settle for '98 which was nothing compared to 2000. Hardly play it anymore, but just got new laptop and am just about to purchase 2002, but I'm edging closer to getting 2004. Which one do you have, do you recomend 2002 or '04? I just don't know if my comp can handle 2004 well enough to be enjoyable (P4M 2Ghz, 512 Ram, 32mb vram). Plus, I need a new joystick (I own a cheap logitech attack 3) and was wondering if you had any reccomendations, I want the original sidewinder but i can't find it anywhere!! Anyway, thanks in advance and, Happy Flying!

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    flight sim

    I was going to ask if anyone can recommend a good combat flight sim.modern day not ww2?
  4. Autotom

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    I bought LOMAC(Lock on Modern Air Combat) and am very happy with it. Very similiar to US Navy Fighters and ATF(Advanced Tactical fighters).
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    I think you will be ok with 2002, I'm running 2004 on a 1.8GHz 1GB and a 128MB Radeon 9200. Seems to handle quite well. But you may find laptop's slightly less forgiving. Do you know what graphics chip you have in your system?
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