Any opinions on Sceptre 20.1" WS LCD

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Dec 28, 2006
  1. Does anyone have one of these, just placed an order yesterday, its gonna be here tomorrow, NEWEGG ROCKS! I am also worried if my 7600GT can handle it lol. The resolution is 1680x1050. If I get some cash i need to step up to a 8800GTS or something lol. Does anyone have any experience with this brand in general? Got it for 199$ After MIR. It has a 5ms response time, and has a contrast ratio of 1000:1, what does that mean? The model name is X20WG-Naga. Newegg link-
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    I have a Sceptre X9g-GAMER 19" LCD I bought from Newegg back in May 2005. It is not a widescreen. It came with no dead pixels and has performed flawlessly since I got it and I use it every day. The colors look great and are properly saturated. It only has a 12ms response time but it has had no problems with any DVD's or games I've played on it.
  3. F1N3ST

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    Cool, hope i have the same luck :)
  4. nickc

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    your video card will have no problems with that monitor.
  5. peepnklown

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    The contrast ratio is basically the ratio between the brightest and the darkest color the display can show. Usually, the higher the better but, most specs are inflated by manufacturers.
    A faster response time is better: indicating how fast the screen can refresh a video image.
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    I was looking at both that monitor , benq , and samsung .. I got the samsung 20"WS ... IM IN LOVE WITH IT !!! LOVE IT!! gald I spent the few extra $$ on it.
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