Any tweaks for improving ie7 speed and performance??

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Dec 21, 2007
  1. Hello. I need some tweaks for improving the speed and performance of ie7. It is REALLY slow. thanx
  2. Daveskater

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    IE is naturally a bit slow, but you could try clearing out your temp files and the cache, although it will probably have to load images again the first time you visit a page.

    What is your connection speed do you have? This obviously makes a difference too ;)

    Try Firefox if it comes to it, it's quicker (I did a side-by-side test once) and you can get extensions to make it faster as well, plus if you really know what you're doing you can tweak it yourself.
  3. tipstir

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    That's easy,

    1 set disk space cache to 50

    Then look at these pictures... click on image to make it bigger..


    What you see are:

    DrTCP TCP Optimzer one of the freeware TCP programs are not longer available but I have it here:

    Tipstir Network Tweaks - password protected (2007)
  4. Kchitij

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    1. Open Tools > Internet Options, click the 'Advanced' tab, and uncheck the
    'Enable third-party browser extensions.' Click 'OK', and then close and re-open
    Internet Explorer. This disables all 3rd party browser extensions from loading
    inside IE, and may resolve the issue
    2. Open Tools > Manage Add-ons (IE6) or Tools > Manage Add-ons > Enable or
    Disable Add-ons (IE7) to provide you with a window where you can selectively
    enable or disable loaded controls inside IE (via the 'Enable' and 'Disable' buttons
    in the bottom of the window) to narrow down which could be causing the issue
    3. Run msconfig to disable all non-critical non-Microsoft startup items and
    non-Microsoft services (reboot required) to see if a startup item or service could
    be causing the issue as well
  5. chamillitarysk8

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    Well a good way would be to not use IE7 use FireFox, Opera, or even Safari. Firefox is so much faster than IE7 especially with the FasterFox addon
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