Any "watchouts" for taking data off of D partition when C is corrupted?

By macx
Oct 25, 2005
  1. Same physical drive,
    C has Windows 98SE & all the apps
    D has all the data

    C is somehow corrupted - the registry basically,
    so Win won't start

    It happened when I ran the paid version
    of Registry Mechanic.

    The MS Tech said I could safely hook
    that physical drive to my new system,
    as a slave, and of course without booting
    from it get the data off of the D partition.

    Now PC Tools (Registry Mechanic) has
    asked me to go into the corrupted C
    partition and retrieve or copy some files
    for them so they can try to figure out
    what happened to my registry.
    (re previous post "Worm in RM)

    Any watchouts for either operation?

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