Any way to stop GRUB from loading

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Dec 28, 2004
  1. My pc somehow has GRUB 0.95 glued to the central CPU. It always ran as windows but when it boots from HD Grub pops-up..any way of stopping that?I ran FDISK trying to modify start-up files but it's not on the disk :/
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    What exactly is it that you want to do, then?
    Do you want the system to boot directly into Windows?
    If so, then you should simply restore the "Master Boot Record" ("MBR") of your harddisk (i.e., the very first sector of the disk, and the place where the computer finds the instructions on how to boot from it - e.g., just drop into Windows, run GRUB, run PowerQuest BootMagic, run the OS/2 Bootloader, etc.).
    If you can somehow get a Windows 98 system started (e.g., from a simple Windows 98 boot diskette), you could simply type
    FDISK /mbr
    That will restore the default MBR - which will simply boot into the partition that is marked "active" whenever you boot your computer.
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    if you can find a min distro of linux and access the (/boot) boot partition from your old linux install then in that folder should be a "backup_mbr" as i remember or similar you then have to restore that to the MBR (idont know how to do this but im just a 12 yr old half-newb)
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    Thx a lot it helped me :D
  5. Geeke19

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    your welcome :D
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