Anyone else having a problem accessing hotmail?

By Spike · 9 replies
Feb 12, 2005
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  1. I fired up firefox, and visited hotmail, to find...

    "Oh!", I thought. "They've decided to support a failing product by making even Hotmail an internet explorer site."

    Naturally, I then fired up my Internet Explorer 6 SP1 and visited, but I recieved the same message. I fair guess would be that there's a problem with hotmail at the moment, but I've not read anything about it. I know there have been a spate of messenger problems lately. Is my home network of 2 PC's the only one in the world with this problem at the moment?
  2. ajopz

    ajopz TS Rookie

    I tried hotmail 10 mins ago to read mail and it all worked fine, maybe you should give it awhile and try again later. i did have lots of problems when microsoft were re doing there site, but i thought they had finished now.

    good luck
  3. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 2,168

    I've found the problem.

    It turns out (I forgot I was doing it!) that I was browsing in stealth. Apparently, Microsoft won't let you use their site unless you tell them what your browser and operating system is. lol. Typical.
  4. olefarte

    olefarte TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,345   +13

    The only problem thing I've seen with HotMail is, when I sign in, I get a page for about two seconds that says this page is not avialable, etc., and then it goes ahead and loads. This has been going on for maybe two weeks.

    Another thing, I have checked to sign in automatically when I check my mail on this computer. Always worked fine except for the last couple of days. Now I have to type my password in, almost every time I check it.
  5. jshields13

    jshields13 TS Rookie Posts: 109

    Olefarte, I get the same thing when I use Firefox, but not with IE. Since Hotmail is part of MS, I guess it isn't happy when one logs on through Firefox.
  6. olefarte

    olefarte TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,345   +13

    You know I hadn't thought about that, I do use Firefox only, except for Windows updates. But it just started doing that recently, not after the latest Firefox update. Maybe MS made some changes. I think I'll stick with Firefox though, I'll just put up with the annoyances.
  7. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Let me know if you would like a Google Gmail account, I have about 50-odd to spare....
  8. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 2,168

    I'm fine, but thanks RBS. :) I already have Gmail. my hotmail is purely for those that still haven't been told that my address has changed. :)

    I too have about 50 invites to give away. lol. Seems to be a trend lately.

    It makes me wonder whether there's really any point to Gmail being an invite only beta anymore. lol
  9. olefarte

    olefarte TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,345   +13

    Same here. I only use my Gmail address for personal use. I use HotMail for anything public. NO spam on Gmail, about 15 or 20 a day on HotMail.

    I've got 50 invites to give away also, if I could give them away. They might as well go ahead and open it up. I don't understand why they haven't. The novelty has worn off, might as well let everybody in, if they aren't already.
  10. WinterShadow888

    WinterShadow888 TS Rookie

    Problem getting my hotmail! Only 10% coming through and NO junk mail at all.

    I have a centralized hotmail account with 5 email addresses arriving in my inbox. In the past 24 hours, I've noticed that only 10% of the mail is coming through. And not one single piece of junk mail is showing up in the junk mailbox and I normally receive approximately 50 per day.

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