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Anyone else having problems with new Firefox?

By macx ยท 4 replies
May 5, 2007
  1. Used the previous version quite awhile, no problems, ran great.

    They came out with the "new improved" version, so figured it
    must be better for some reason or other.

    Have been very disappointed - lots of problems.
    Especially on first opening the net, it frequently stops
    and I have to reload it.

    Nearly every time when I first open my Excite page, and
    again my Excite email, it comes up with a problem, and
    turns off. Then I have to restart the FF session.

    And one thing I REALLY wish I could rid of is that damned
    tabbed browsing! Never use it, it just takes up more of my
    screen. Have gone into everything I can think of trying to
    turn it off, no luck.
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    What versions exactly are we talking about here? FF does have the habit of breaking stuff between versions. You might want to uninstall all sorts of extensions you may have. If you don't mind losing your bookmarks and such, deleting the FF profile directory may help too.

    As for the tabs, how about Tools->Options->Tabbed browsing?
    Tell it to open new pages in windows, untick the option that makes the tab bar always visible.
  3. macx

    macx TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 718

    I can't find a version, but I downloaded and installed it in later 11/06,
    which was just shortly after it came out as I understand.

    Nope, not gonna lose my several hundred bookmarks I've accumulated over
    a number of years.

    And I've done the Tools Options Tabbed browsing thing, no help.

    I think I'll maybe go back and reinstall the previous version if I can find it.

    Edited by Moderator: Removed quote. There`s no need to quote the post directly above your own, unless you`re only replying to a specific section, in which case you would only quote that section. ;)
  4. TangoTrolly

    TangoTrolly TS Rookie Posts: 59

    I have not had any problems with the latest FF Ver
    You can find the version # in Help / About. The very last number on the bottom.
  5. milky

    milky TS Enthusiast Posts: 85

    I have not had any problems with either. I've been updating every time it asks me to since a clean install on a new hd almost 1 year ago.



    No problems with any.
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