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Jan 22, 2006
  1. vegasgmc

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    Peltiers were very popular in the late 90's but fell out of favor because it would fry the processor if the cooler ever failed or lost power.
  2. xero

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    Well nowadays, cpu;s (mine are xeons) have temperature protection... my server offers cpu protection too by monitoring the temperature below the cpu.

    So i am willing to take the risk. Also i have a powersource which is very stable. If the powersource fails, the server fails and is turned off.

    So, set that aside, anyone got experience with condensation or can someone provide me a scheme which can effectivily power (by monitoring temperature, regular fan controllers will not do) peltier elements without risking condensation?
  3. JMag034

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    Ok, basically you will need to insulate if you want to run a Pelt. You will need to put foam around the cpu socket and on the back of the motherboard. There really isnt any other way to go about it. Google something like... TEC Insulation or phase change insulation..there will probably be some good stuff with that.
  4. xero

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    Thanks for the info. I knew about the insulation and it has already been taken care of. I siliconed the cpu socket on all sides and in the middle of the socket. On the peltier i made a buffer from foam and other insulating materials. It fits exactly the cpu and should make a air tight connection with it (air tight, condensation brought to +/- 0 ? ).

    insulation at the backside of the mainboard. Is that necessary?

    I hope this al has been worth it. I just want a silent and cool dual xeon pc :)
  5. JMag034

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    Woah, you are running 2 tecs? You will most likely need a another power supply to handle that. And yes a piece of foam on the back of the motherboard is necessary, otherwise it will condensate. Also how many watts can the tec that you have cool. Seriously dont go any further installing everything yet until you explain EXACTLY what you are doing.
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