Anyone have problems capturing video w/X800pro VIVO?

By Bcooper
Feb 6, 2005
  1. Now, before I got it, someone flashed the bios, unlocking the final 4 pixel pipelines. I doubt this has any bearing, but it's worth mentioning. When attempting to capture composite video, it will begin to capture, work for 15 seconds to 6 minutes. At some point, it stops capturing, my screen goes blank, and sometimes the whole system freezes, requiring a restart (and loss of my work). I had an ATI TV tuner card installed (PCI), and figured this may be causing the problem. After removal of the tuner card, and reinstallation of the Catalyst software, Windows recognizes the Rage Theater capture engine (Hardware Manager), but in software, I can't get any video to show up on the preview screen (Pinnacle and Windows Movie Maker). Any thoughts? This card is crazy expensive and I'd hate to lose this feature.

    Ben Anyone have problems capturing video with X800 Pro VIVO?
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