Anyone using nVidia cards and Vista?

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Jun 23, 2006
  1. I have a 7900GT and cant get the video driver to install. It crashes half way through. The second time it did it I couldnt boot into the OS and had to do a Repair which worked great by the way. Im still able to play games but I cant get to any of the display settings.
  2. CrossFire851

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    If you have the latest build MS has there one default diver that gives it the earliest Vista driver. go to Nv site and look around and find the manual install drivers. By the way yes I was able of getting 7800gt working (haven't tried Vista and SLI, scary).
  3. vegasgmc

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    Thanks. The newest nVidia driver is from may but they just realeased new drivers for other OS's so maybe Vista is next.
  4. SNGX1275

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    I started to download it for my 7800gs but decided against it. I updated it in XP Pro and it completely botched my dual monitor setup, so bad in fact that I had to roll back the driver and then still screw around with it.

    I'm not so sure i want it to screw up vista displaying like that quite yet.
  5. luvhuffer

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    I'm dual booting Vista and XP Home. I used the Vista driver on nVidias site, the 88.61. I am using an older card. A 5900XT Ultra. Aside from a small line of artifacts between the boot and welcome screen set ups, the card and drivers are working just fine. I loaded up Doom3 yesterday (I'm poor so Doom3 is about as demanding a game as I have right now) and it played perfectly. There doesn't seem to be any way to OC the card though. I don't know if that's an issue with the card and Vista or the drivers and Vista. I've tried cool bits and global tweaks and even searched the registry but was unable to unlock it.

    Since it is a beta, I'm pushing the envelope as far as tweaks go, so I've already had it (Vista) crash on me a few times and require a reinstall. Haven't had a problem with the driver installation yet.
  6. vegasgmc

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    Im giving up on Vista until RC1 comes out. Its just too slow. My spare PC with a 1ghz Athlon feels like a speed demon next to Vista.
  7. luvhuffer

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    Slow isn't the word for it. It's like ballet dancing with an elephant. From the time I power up to a fully loaded desktop is around 3 minutes. And I have aero disabled. I am however completely bored with XP. Being a diehard tinkerer, I'm greatful to have something to play with, so for the time being Vista stays. I did install it on an old 30GB drive I had laying around. It's an ATA/100 but only a 5400RPM model, so I shouldn't expect too much in the speed department. Although with a gig of 3200 DC running at 480MHz I would have expected a bit more performance.
  8. cogenmaster

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    Vista (AKA Turtle)

    I installed vista on my spare maxtor 7200 ata 133 drive dual booting XP on a samsung sata drive. I have a Athlon 3000+ - 1 gig ram - ati 9800 pro - sound blaster audigy. Install Vista was pretty straight forward altough the sound blaster drivers were an issue but I found directions on google for getting the drivers to work. Vista is really slow, I never timed the boot up but it does take some time. I was running it and aero and found Vista to operate so slowly that I had to turn Aero off. That helped a little but Vista really is a dog right now. My kids had a really good time messing around with the gadger stuff and I installed the original command and conquer generals and played a few levels in it. Generals seemed to really lag in vista even at lower resolutions. I would like to use Vista some more to tweak around with it, but it keeps going to sleep even though I have turned off all sleep modes in the power options. I have to reboot it every time it goes to sleep. With Vista's long boot time it gets really annoying. Be nice to here other users experiece with Vista and if anyone has the same sleep problem I do and find a fix please post it.

  9. g4r3th

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    I too had the sleep problem but mine was more severe, it would crash on resume and complain about my driver (graphics) causing a conflict with sleep mode. I disabled sleep mode and it's been fine since. Boot time is slow but I find once your up and running it ain't that bad! I'm happy using it for now.

    And halflife 2 runs perfect on it as does Battlefield 2 using the default driver that installed on my Geforce 6600.
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