Anyone want Logitech Z-680's?

By Vehementi
Dec 20, 2002
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  1. When I was browsing over at I noticed this... - Stop...Shop...Save...

    Yes, Logitech Z-680's for $250. They are the highest model of Logitech speakers available, and by all means, they're better than the Klipsch 5.1's ;) They include a Dolby Digital, Dolby ProLogic, and a DTS Surround Sound decoder for all you DVD buffs (me included), and are rated at 450 Watts sustained vs. the misleading 500 Watt peak power of the Klipsch speakers. And yes, they are 5.1 ;) You don't see deals like this very often.

    I myself will definitely get these speakers if I get enough money for Christmas.

    /me drools

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