Anytime my computer is left untouched it freezes

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Sep 26, 2007
  1. Hi ok so my laptop its a Gateway running with vista if that makes a difference. Anyway if i leave it untouched for any period of time it completely freezes and have to push the power button to turn it off. I tried changing my screen saver and whatnot but that didnt help. And i think my computer is running slower. But I dunno. And sometimes my Itunes freezes or when opening a program its slow. I have AVG and ran scans and i have spybot and they both havent come up with any virus's. I dont know anything about computers just that something is wrong please please help. Since i dont know anything about computers if you could please be detailed that would probably be soooo much more helpful. Thanks in advanced.
  2. eijmaster

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    First we need to know Some Specs:
    Right click on "My Computer" and click properties. This will tell you what type of CPU/How fast its running (ex. Intel Pentium 4/2.4Ghz) and how much RAM/Memory is installed (ex. 512 MB of Ram) OR you can just tell us which Gateway you have (ex. E-100M).

    I don't know anything about vista. Though I would try...

    1.Disable your screen saver

    2.Turn off all of running programs (bottom right hand corner icons, right click and exit)
    3.Unplug or exit any internet connection.

    4.Then try "walking away" lol or ITunes
  3. treetops

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    Ad-aware 2007 is another good free anti spyware scanner you might want to try. Also iv read if you restart your computer into safe mode and then scan that you can pick up on some spyware you wouldnt normaly be able to find. If you have everything backed up, you might want to turn off system restore if you really think its spyware. And then run scans in safe mode.
  4. kblack11

    kblack11 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Gateway MX8711
    Genuine Intel CPU T2060 @1.60ghz 1.60GHz
    Memory 1014mB
    32bit operating system

    I tried both options and nothing helped. I dont know what the problem is just that there is one. When I tried the safe mode thing it didnt finish scanning before it froze.
  5. eijmaster

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    So after you boot up the computer, does it usually freeze around the same amount of times it's been on(ex. 1hr, 3hrs...)? Or does it freeze only when you try to use a program?

    -Ok you might want to check this out

    ^^^He/She was having the same prob on the same laptop. In short they fixed it by disabling most of the start-up programs. Check it out! :)
  6. kblack11

    kblack11 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks i checked it out and tried but my computer is still freezing like all the time. Doesnt matter if i have a program running or even a scan itll freeze right in the middle of it. should i just reformat my computer?
  7. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Have you tried running the memory tester Vista has in boot menu?
  8. kblack11

    kblack11 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i dont know what that is
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