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Ok, I hope that someone from AOL reads this and has enough intelligence to understand what I'm saying.

How can AOL, a company that reads people's conversations (if you didn't know they did that, here's a huge awakening) not know how to send files through a firewall. Explain that. Not to mention that they have HOW MANY millions of dollars, yet they can't buy enough servers to allow all of the users trying to access their sites the ability too. Instead I sat here for almost an hour with in the backround failing to EVER load. I have used aim for over 3 years now, and they have yet to enable a way to send files to other aol users through a firewall. Why is this? I've snooped around online and found that AOL uses ports 5190-5193 (unless the website lied) and yet when I open up the ports on my router and dedicate it just to my computer, I am still unable to send files. :mad: :mad: :mad: For a company that has that kind of money, and that many nerds working for it, you would think that they would be able to figure this out!

Has anyone successfully transferred a file while being firewalled with another computer that was firewalled? If so, how did you do it? Thanks!


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Are you talking about AIM or AOL? I hate that AOL users can't accept file transfers period. I had to donwload aim to do it, kind of gay if you ask me.

As far as transfering, you are talking about hardware firewall, correct? I haven't tried this, but one thing you can do is turn firewalls off and send it and then do a netstat and see what port aim is using to send it. Then enable it in the firewall and try again. It should work, I would think, but I have never tried, just a suggestion.


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Yeah, use netstat do determine what ports AOL is actually no - crap using. Open those ports and try...
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