Apature size, does it matter that much?

By Power
Mar 7, 2004
  1. I was reading in a Pc Gamer mag. and one of thier suggestions (for better gaming performance) was to turn the Grafic apature size to 1/2 your video card ram meaning, if you have lets say a 256mb card to set the apature size to 128mb in the bios? They didn't give a reason for this, can anyone tell me why I would want to do this? And would it make that big of diffrence? My first impression was that it had something to do with Virtual memory tapping, but i'm a *****...LOL can someone please enlighten me?? Oh I know there was alot of discussion on hyperthreading but would I be smart to turn it off as well when gaming?

    Thx friends, Power:confused:
  2. Didou

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    Apperture size is the amount of system that you're willing to let the VGA card use for AGP texturing.

    Now it's quite hard to fine a single answer on that matter. Some say it should half the size of your system memory, some say it should be equal to or half the VGA memory, some say Saturn needs to be aligned with Jupiter for it to work, etc.

    If your VGA card has a lot of onboard Ram, you're not likely to be very affected by AGP apperture. Set it to something not too small, & it should not be more then half your system memory, so if you have 512 mb of Ram, set it to 256 max ( I believe the max setting for AGP apperture is 256 mb anyways ).
  3. Rick

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    Answer = No.
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