Apple announces 'Apple Arcade,' its own game streaming service


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Apple will be working closely with developers -- even going so far as to help fund their projects -- to bring unique content to Arcade. The company promises high-quality curation, saying it will "hand pick" all games that arrive to ensure the integrity of the service.

Speaking of curation, Apple Arcade is also being built with family-friendliness in mind, so don't expect to see too many violent or mature titles on the platform. Apple's focus is on "originality, quality, creativity, and fun" for gamers of all ages.

While that doesn't mean games like the upcoming Doom Eternal will never hit the service, they probably won't be very common.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is coming to Apple Arcade later this year.

Much like Google's Stadia locks users into the Chrome ecosystem, Arcade will restrict users to Apple's family of products: the service will only be accessible through Apple devices like the Phone, iPad, Macbook, or Apple TV. However, thanks to the very nature of game streaming, all you need is a solid internet (or data) connection to play Arcade titles; it won't matter if your device's specs are a bit out of date.

Interestingly, Apple Arcade will not feature any hidden costs or ads. Apple says that "all game features, content, and future updates" will be accessible with an Arcade subscription alone, suggesting the games featured on the platform won't house microtransactions.

Accessing Arcade will be simple, merely requiring subscribers to open up the App Store and navigate to the "Arcade" section to browse playable content.

Arcade is set to launch sometime this fall, but Apple has not yet announced details regarding its potential cost.

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kira setsu

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Its odd that after years and years of companies pushing graphical fidelity that streaming, which is the complete opposite of that school is now being pushed so hard. time to sit back and see if gamers bite or not, after seeing how dlc and microtransactions went I dont have much hope gamers will push back on this either.

the future will literally look blurry it seems.
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Meh, Overland was the only one that interested me.

And man, that was a lot of marketing BS in their main video (not here).....


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crApple probably did not want to be left out in the cold with Walmart in on the game, too, besides gagme.


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At no point during the presentation did anyone refer to Apple Arcade as as game *streaming* service. In fact they made it quite clear that the games can be fully downloaded and require no internet connection to play.
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Yes +1 that they said all games playable offline. If I wanted to play games on a touchscreen that would get my vote. As it is though I'm too spoiled: I'm either playing on a gorgeous large screen with super comfortable controls, or I'm doing something else.

Uncle Al

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Unless they are willing to take on all game companies they will never make it over the long term .... and at this point people like Epic are not likely to change ....