Apple G5 benchmarks raising questions

By Julio Franco ยท 4 replies
Jun 24, 2003
  1. They have done it and we have seen it a million times before, I mean, what else were you thinking!
    Seriously though, would you think Apple or any other company could have a successful product launch by saying "we barely catch up with the competition", it should be obvious for anyone reading this site that performance figures shown by own manufacturers (no matter who) are unreliable and not meant to be taken seriously... having that said...

    ExtremeTech has a detailed report on how benchmarks were conducted for the G5 vs. Intel CPUs comparison, a third party was contracted and a widely known benchmarking suite was used BUT everything went by Apple's rules. Like I said yesterday, "could outperform any Windows-based PC on the market" is a bold enough statement - 'true' is not a requirement.
  2. LOL OMG pc people are so pissed now at the first 64bit chips by a 3 billion dollar development facility!! lol. okay person the g5 went up against the 4091 dollar dell (dual exeon) in muic, mathamatica, animation , photoshop AND THE MOST RESPECTED TESTS OF ALL THE SPEC tests and the spec tests arent just photoshop there not photoshop at all and in all the test the g5 wopped them.. and the top of the lin g5 is 1000 less then the top of the line pc lol'z.. so guess yr lost in the dust pc boy.
  3. sarsippius

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    The g5 is not the first 64bit processor and I don't exaclty see ILM and Pixar going Mac. Face it mac boy your done!:dead:
  4. acidosmosis

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    Regardless, for the price and especially for what it is, the MAC just isn't a logical step for most computer users in any case. Most of the time it is a system for those that are "hardcore MAC users" or "enthusiasts" or just want the gain in performance in graphics or applications such as those. Though you really have to decide do you want to spend that amount of money on a computer which can't run the applications that a PC can, buying it only really using it most of the time for your graphics applications.

    There are good reasons to buy MAC's but the fact is most people decide against it for good reasons. One of the best thing's about a MAC usually is that they are easier for beginners to use, and since in some ways they are more stable it causes less of a headache for those users.

    Overall, in the end, MAC's just don't tip the scale in advantages that a PC would provide though no one is going to argue that they have their uses, just not as many as a PC running Windows.
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    "Benchmarketing"...Haha! I love it.

    I found this article, mentioned in the aforementioned article, very interesting as well, and even better than the aforementioned article.
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