Apple iOS 17 to include many requested features, expected to be a big one

Something to look forward to: Many iOS users have long requested basic features, like more widgets, home and lock screen customization, which have already been available on Android for a long time. With iOS 16 Apple finally fulfilled some of those wishes, and if these rumors are to be believed there's is more to come. Although what features iOS 17 might bring is yet to be revealed.

Reports from earlier this year had pegged iOS 17 as a performance improvement and bug fix update. But recent rumors are the exact opposite of that. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg now reports that iOS 17 might bring about more changes than first expected.

One feature some have expected to see in Apple's upcoming iOS update is finally allowing sideloading of apps. After the EU passed the digital markets act last year, companies like Apple would be required by law to open up their operating system for other companies to freely engage their business on.

This comes in addition to the EU forcing Apple to switch to a USB-C port instead of lightning one on their phones.

iOS 17 is expected to be announced at WWDC this June ahead of its fall launch in line with their upcoming iPhone 15 model.

In other iOS news, Apple announced iOS and iPadOS 16.4 today, which includes bug fixes and minor changes. The headlining feature for this update is 21 new emojis which include new heart colors, animals and more. Beyond that, there's notifications for web apps on the home screen and improved voice isolation for phone calls.

Crash detection, which had a bit of a rough launch, sees improvements with this update, and there's a new accessibility setting to automatically dim video if there are flashing lights or strobe effects playing. The complete list of release notes can be found over on Apple's website.

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I 100% guarantee the side loading will have major limitations. Apple would sooner quit selling phones in Europe than share that app revenue that made them the richest company on Earth. They'll sabotage competing app stores in multiple ways, and they'll get away with it. If you don't think so then I have two words for you: ROUNDED CORNERS. EU fans who still wanted Apple devices badly enough would find ways to get them.

daffy duck

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How about browsers that aren't forced to use Apple's web engine, non-gimped third party keyboards, custom loaders. I'd be very happy with iOS then.


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Maybe I’m in the minority, but I couldn’t care less about any of these features. I’d just be happy with updates that patch security issues and don’t cause excessive battery drain or degraded performance over time.

I already have 10x more emoji’s than I’ll likely use in a lifetime. ;)


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Please god stop.

No more features, just make the phone work again like an iphone used to, cripes. Every new iteration is mire buggy than the last. I miss my limited well performing ios


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One feature some have expected to see in Apple's upcoming iOS update is finally allowing sideloading of apps.
Pfftbahahaha no. Apple will wait until the last possible second, and then do something to the letter of the law that will be quite useless for some time to come.

I don't know why anyone would expect something like that at this point. I mean, USB-C should've been on iPhones YEARS ago. Those petty a$$holes running Apple aren't going to benevolently add proper sideloading as a surprise feature for their walking wallets customers anytime soon...


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How about fixing the longest-standing and most pathetic iPhone defect, by giving us NOTIFICATIONS OF MISSED CALLS.