Apple Out Of iMacs

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Jul 2, 2004
  1. In a move that breaks with years of secrecy about upcoming products, Apple has announced that they are out of iMacs and there won't be any more until September.

    Apple has stopped taking orders for the current iMac as we begin the transition from the current iMac line to an all-new iMac line which will be announced and available in September. We planned to have our next generation iMac ready by the time the inventory of current iMacs runs out in the next few weeks, but our planning was obviously less than perfect. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers.

    They're not that good, are they?
  2. StormBringer

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    Of course they are, "its a special kind of computer made just for idio.., er mommies and daddies"
  3. BrownPaper

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    Re: Re: Apple Out Of iMacs

  4. Rick

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  5. Phantasm66

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  6. Mictlantecuhtli

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    What do you have against them?

    I've used one a couple of times and liked it, would like to have an own, too.
  7. young&wild

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    I m quite neutral about most Apple product. Their iBook and PowerBook G4s seems appealing to me.
  8. Phantasm66

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    Well, just like the ad says, if you are not a computer kind of person, but want a computer, then you get a Mac.

    Some Jeff Goldbloom guy (I think) said that one some lame Mac advert. But he's right.

    They are just too chunky and cute - I just dislike the feel of them and I think they are designed for children to use. Which is fine for children but I am not one anymore.

    I remember when I got back into computers after my break of several years and the Mac and the PC were the two major platforms in business.

    My first impressions were:

    People were building their own, upgrading them, playing network DOOM and QUAKE on them, and starting to run Linux on them.

    MAC OS
    Girls were using them to type up essays at college and people were using adobe photoshop on them.

    Which one did you think I chose?

    OK, I know that the Mac does these things now, but the PC has always been for me the machine of the hacker - I can see the merits of a Mac if you just need the technology to solve some real life problem (like how to store your word documents) but if you want something more from computing then you use a PC.
  9. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Heh heh heh, too bad new iMacs aren't available with that old iMac "Flower Power" style :)
  10. Rick

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    iBooks are very poorly designed.

    Apple has had a number of recalls on their "iProducts" and for good reason too.

    I don't know who handled the technical design, but the insides and outsides of the iBook (physically) are very poorly made. iMacs are along the same lines.. On a technical design view at least.

    All of those iProducts have a real "made in a Chinese sweat-shop but assembled in America" feel. No wonder they break so often. Out of all the Macs I see, we never get Apple desktops (tower unit) or Powerbooks in for hardware problems. But we do get quite a few with software problems (to be expected).

    iMacs and iBooks on the other hand... We get a steady stream of them with failing hardware components.
  11. Good one- you had obviously been out of the computer world for a long time...

    Back in those days, the number of PCs was prob. even to the number of Macs...

    The Mac. has always played games, and done everything a PC does- they're the same thing, except the 'PC' runs x86 achr. and Windows (blyeah)!

    The only reason I don't buy a Mac these days is the cost- that's all- if they weren't so darned expensive, I'd LOVE a Dual 2.5ghz G5 with 8gb ram, and 800gb hdd space, etc...oh and 2 HD Cinema Display 23" monitors- can't go wrong there....

    iMacs are for ppl who want a computer, but don't want an ugly piece of beige crap like they used to have to iMac is way more stylish than the average computer...

    If I knew nothing about computers, and had to choose between the local pc store, or the local Apple store, which is way better looking, which do you think I'd choose? Exactly! NOT The pc store....

    Apple are jsut doing what Microsoft have done for years- targeting the ***** masses...
  12. Nic

    Nic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,549

    You should buy a computer based on the software you wish to run. In this respect, Macs have very much less software available from which to choose.

    This makes Macs a bad choice if you run things other than Office, DTP, or image/video editing software. In the old days, Macs were also more prone to crashing than PCs, so the only saving grace they had was 'style'.

    These days there are a lot of really stylish PC cases available, and the market is really geared towards PCs, giving the user a vast selection of hardware/software to choose from.

    The only people that buy Macs these days either ...

    1) Don't know much about computers.

    2) Prefer the look of iMacs (women tend to go for style over features).

    3) Those that want to be different and/or don't like Microsoft.

    4) Those that are easily manipulated by advertising.

    I don't have anything against Macs, and some of their features are a refreshing change from running PCs/Windows, but I wouldn't buy an expensive computer based on style alone.
  13. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 5,734   +8

    People who want to get cute little "pet" computers that they give sweet names to (basically, girls) want to a Mac.

    People who like messing around with screwdrivers, 3D games, other operating systems (basically, men) want PCs.

    OK, I know this is pretty gender stereotype and not exactly the sort of thing one likes to have to say out loud, but its true.

    People like Macs because they look sweet and cute and remind people of teddy bears. That's why. And that time may (in fact, certainly will) come to pass.

    Macs are all about "feeling" as opposed to "purpose".

    They are about "style" as opposed to "substance."

    They are about being the same, rather than being unique, or in some way mutating from the original form.

    They look like candy - there goes a green one, a yellow one, a pink one, a blue one, a red one.... All look good enough to eat. An iMac looks like something you could eat...

    PCs are the exact opposite of this. They are all about puporse and substance and nothing about style. They are (or were, for a long time) ugly grey boxes. They make a noise not unlike an air conditioning unit. They collect dust. Their grey exterior is prone to getting dirty and being seen as being dirty. They look like they belong in an office and NOT in someone's home.

    It doesn't matter that they are infinitely more adaptable and changeable. It doesn't matter that they are at the forefront of technology.

    What matters is that they go along with someone's choice of carpet or wallpaper colour. It matters that they look nice next to a vase, or a flower pot.

    People who buy Macs care about what they look like and nothing else. I deny anybody to come on here and say that they offer anything else other than that.
  14. climbamtn

    climbamtn TS Rookie


    just want to ask, have you seen the new imac/ibooks? titanium outer shell for durability and looks cool too. if you stack them 15 high no issue, what other laptop can i do that without breaking the bottom one.....none. set one beside any laptop(even the super slim fujitsu lifebook) and they are half as high. super slim. weigh less than any dell, acer, sony, or ibm notebook larger screen barely any bezel unlike most laptops. if any laptop weighed as little and was built as solid and had as large a screen with that little bezel around it i would so be there.
    they are great machines just not suited for every need as the ferrari is not suited to be in every driveway not just because of price but it doesnt fit the needs of most houses.

    apple does not have the choices in software of the pc but their software is flawless for what is supposed to do. it is a niche market not for every one but to critisize them on style or durability is just putting your ford against the ferrari.
  15. i dont even like apple, i am just open minded to a better idea. i dont use macs on a regular basis i prefer the pc. but to just bash them without knowing is not right. shouldnt the better idea get credit even if i still prefer the pc?
  16. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    Powerbooks are nicely put together. I have give Apple kudos on the design. Of course, this isn't the same for most of the iComputers. That's a different story.

    The OS X software is elegant and simple, although resource intensive (Moreso than Windows XP for sure). The software selection is limited, but as mentioned it is a niche market and does what it is supposed to very well.

    It's overpriced.. Not because of quality components... But because of the Apple badging. Apples use primary the same parts as much cheaper PCs use. This, I don't think is right. When you buy a Ferrari for example, you get what you pay for - Great quality components.

    When you spend the extra money for a Mac, you get Taiwanese / Chinese parts with close to a 700% markup in some cases.

    I have a contact who sells me authentic Macintosh parts for next to nothing he buys from China. They aren't grey market either... They are the real thing. He sells me OS X.3 upgrades for $15, >1GHz Apple G4 boards and CPU combos for less than $50 (retails hundreds of dollars for the CPU alone). Apple Pro Optical mice for $5 each (retail about $50)... Apple Pro Keyboards for $7 (retail about $65) each. And that's what he SELLS them for to me.

    If this is any indication of what Apple pays for these items, then you are certainly not getting a Ferrari.

    And despite Apple's reputation for making dependable computers, they make up about 30% of our business here, despite being only about 5% of the market. A variety of software and hardware issues that are not uncommon with PCs as well... And the repair rates are always more expensive for Macs no matter where you go. It's that "Apple Premium" to help show customer appreciation.

    Are they better? I don't think so.
    Stylish? Perhaps.
    Pricey? For sure.

    What it comes down to for most people is that when you grow up with a Mac.. You stick to Mac. When you grow up with PCs, you stick to PC. There's a number of people I know who have switched over to the otherside, but this includes Mac --> PC as well as PC --> Mac.
  17. CountMackulaHPT

    CountMackulaHPT TS Rookie


    There's a reason people say "CRAPintosh" can take a turd and put it in a pretty box with a nice shiny looking OS on it...but it's still a turd and it'll still stinks...i hate MAC OS...and yes it would be nice to have all that hardware...but i decided to build my own PC and then i could afford to buy a better CAR...because it's not expensive to build a very fast PC...but Apple rations it's systems out evenly to it's that's communism...ooops did i say that out loud?...(i don't really think Apple is communists, btw...just making a funny) but i do hate the mac OS...and i hate their keyboards and their mouses with one's like they make it for people who have no co-ordination to use a multi-button mouse(or maybe people with stumps)...and yea i know that you can buy third party mice for MACs but...wait everything in PC-land is third party...which means you can get it the way you want it no matter what you're talking about...and why would you buy a third party item for the MAC when it's first party stuff is JUST...SO...GOOD...the answer: it's not that's just in a nice shiny box...with a sort of shiny looking OS....and it THAT's an expensive turd....
  18. Nic

    Nic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,549

    Hey Rick, does your 'contact' ever visit the UK? A cheap X800 would be nice :=).

    Isn't OS.X kernel based on BSD?
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