Apple recruits VP of technology Kevin Lynch to work on car project

Shawn Knight

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Recap: Apple’s Kevin Lynch has reportedly been recruited to help with the company’s long-rumored automotive project. Lynch was instrumental in helping Apple craft its wearables category, and specifically the Apple Watch. Before his time at Apple, he served as the chief technology officer at Adobe where it wasn’t uncommon for him to publicly trade jabs with Apple CEO Steve Jobs regarding Flash, Adobe’s multimedia software platform.

Four sources familiar with the matter told Business Insider that the VP of technology is now working on Project Titan, Apple’s catch-all electric vehicle / autonomous driving program that reportedly has been in different stages of operation since at least 2014. To date, Apple hasn’t publicly announced any sort of automotive-focused product or service.

Lynch’s addition to the Project Titan team is reportedly in addition to his existing duties as VP of tech, one source said. As such, he will continue to work on watchOS and will remain involved in Apple’s healthcare strategy as well.

Apple’s electric car project has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, at least from what we’ve heard from the rumor mill. Initially, Apple reportedly wanted to build an electric car that would rival offerings from companies like Tesla. A few years in, however, Apple supposedly pivoted to focus more on the underlying technology involved in creating a self-driving system. Most recently, we’ve heard that Apple is again interested in producing an actual vehicle.

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