Apple revises policy, will let buyers return ill-fitting bands without having to send...

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Bottom line: Fortunately, it didn’t take an act of Congress for Apple to realize its existing policy wasn’t feasible for watch bands and make the appropriate changes to better assist buyers with exchanges.

Early adopters of the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE found out the hard way what can happen when policy trumps common sense.

Apple’s latest wearables can be configured with a new style of clasp-free stretch band, the Solo Loop or the Braided Solo Loop. Apple provides a printable size chart to help ensure buyers order the correct size but even still, some users experienced fitment issues when their watch arrived.

When reaching out to swap their bands with a more appropriate size, buyers learned they would need to send back the entire watch – not just the band – since Apple policy considers it a “configure to order purchase.” Some were quoted wait times of weeks or months to complete the full exchange.

According to recent first-hand reports, Apple has rectified the error of its ways and is now allowing buyers to return ill-fitting bands without having to send in the watch itself.

Eli Hodapp said his rep prioritized his replacement so it will ship faster, let him order a third band to try and tossed in a free Sport Band to make up for the hassle.

Others are reporting similar experiences in trying to get their bands replaced.

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I went to the apple store to try out the new Applewatch. I already know my size is 12. Nothing smaller.

NO ONE should order the silicon solo loop. It's not going to fit properly regardless what size you order.


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It really is a mess to find the right size for those new bands, because after a few days they relaxed the fit too much.
I ended up buying one without the new band for this reason


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Article: " According to recent first-hand reports, Apple has rectified the error of its ways "

That may not be the word you wish there.