Mac Apple to slow Mac OS Update pace

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Julio Franco

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In recent years Apple has maintained its crowd busy with frequent OS updates, first came the original Mac OS X 10.0 launched in March 2001, then while Puma (10.1) was a free update, Jaguar (10.2) and Panther (10.3) both have come to a cost to users, both selling at US$129.

With one more update planned by year's end (10.4 - Tiger) Apple's chief software technology officer announced it will take a longer period of time for the next version of Mac OS X to appear, easing up its update frequency a bit.


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I guess they are running out of big cat names and are trying to postpone the Lion and Leoprad as long as possible :p


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Don't worry.. There's more...

Cheetah, Hyena, Serval.. Cat.. Im sure there's more. ;)
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