Are these good fan controllers?

By flowerpower
Mar 16, 2007
  1. I need to get a fan controller for my new system because the motherboard i'm getting (Gigabyte GA-M59SLI-S5) can only control 3 fans, while i'm planning to put in 5 Antec Tricool fans into the Silverstone TJ09-BW case. I figure the motherboard can control 2 fans and CPU fan (Zalman 9500 AM2) and the fan controller will manage the other 3. I have been considering these 2 fan controllers:

    1.Thermaltake A2349 Intelligent Fan Control System, this is my top choice for now since it has both auto and manual fan control. Plus it has a nice LED dispay.

    2.SILVERSTONE SST-FP52-B Multifunction panel. This one only has the auto fan control and the LED display which shows CPU, HDD, System temperatures.Should fit easily into my Silverstone case.

    I also looked at Zalman ZM-MFC1, but i like the ones with the LED display better, i don't think the blue Zalman will look good in my system. Which ones are recomended?
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