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Are these good temps?

By Chris 96 WS6
Aug 2, 2006
  1. I see 83*F case temp and 85-90*F CPU temp at idle. at 90% load I have seen the CPU go to 103*. Unfortunately our upstairs AC unit struggles in the afternoon during the heatwave we are in, and the room gets up to 78*, and the computer temps go up to 90* and 97* at idle respectively. Basically I can count on case temp being about 10* above ambient at any given time.

    It is an Asus P4S800D-X board with a Northwood P4 2.2ghz, 2 512mb DDRAM sticks, 120gb SATA 1.5 OS drive, 80gb IDE backup drive, a CD burner, DVD Burner, Floppy/card reader combo drive, PCI Nvidia 256mb video card running two monitors, a wireless networking card and a K-world Video capture card w/tv tuner. PSU is a thermaltake 430w with dual fans.

    I think those are good temps, I just don't know because this is the first machine I've had that I could monitor temps with (this is basically a total rebuild of a Dell dimension).

    I run a 90mm rear case fan, an 80mm top case fan (both exhaust obviously), and an 80mm CPU fan.

    My biggest concern right now is the two HDs. They are at the bottom of the case, right behind the air intake, and there is 1 bay of space between them, but they get fairly hot to the touch. I don't have a measurement yet though. I'm considering putting in an 80mm intake fan to get some more cross flow over the drives first, before resorting to dedicated HD coolers.
  2. nickslick74

    nickslick74 TS Rookie Posts: 575

    Yes, your case and CPU temps are just fine. Most people actually use Celsius to report their temps and your 103F converts to 39.4C, which is really good. It would be a good idea to put an intake fan on the front of the PC. It would help cool your hdd's and may help lower the case temp slightly due to better overall airflow.:)
  3. Chris 96 WS6

    Chris 96 WS6 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 28

    I have noticed most folks use C*, but F readings are more relevant to me as I have some kind of understanding of how hot 103* is :D I will try to convert before posting in the future though.

    You confirm what I have been thinking about the intake fan. Thanks!
  4. tlw

    tlw TS Rookie

    hmmmm my case right now according to MBM is 31 and my CPU is 51.
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