Are these monitor brands any good?

By lamensterms
Jul 23, 2007
  1. hey guys, im looking at buying a new pc and monitor. i have found a package that looks quite good with all decent brand components(intel, asus, gigabyte, etc). with the package i have a choice of 3 different monitors from 3 different brands. the brands are CMV, AOC and ProView. ive had a bit of a look around the net and have found that most people who have had proview monitors...havent been happy with them. and ive found a bit of info telling me that aoc monitors are quite good value.

    i was just wondering if any of you guys have had any experience with these brands or if any of you could please help me sort the good from the bad. unfortunately i dont have any model numbers for the specific monitors they are selling (im waiting for an email back to tell me). but they are 22 inch LCD monitors.

    any help is much appreciated.

    thank you.
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