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Jan 21, 2007
  1. Hi im still having problems with my router x micro (os-win2k-pro) every few mins it says local area connection 2 network cable unplugged ! this happens even when im trying to connect two computers via the router using ethenet cables (hard wired) can any one help please !
  2. Teaser261

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    Sounds like the router is on it's way out. I had the same problem recently.Also, sometimes killing the power to the router will reset it. It's worth a try before you buy a new one.
  3. N1Hawk

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    have you done an ipconfig to see what your ip address is?
  4. malc23

    malc23 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    N1Hawk reply ?The router is set to find IP adress automatically ?
    OK so I do an ipconfig to see what my ip address an then what ?
    all three computers have different IP Addresses as in the last 3 digits
    .102 (pc1) (.101 pc2) .100 on the laptop (what do i do next )?
    (I just got a zone alarm alert ping echo request blocked )which may have somthing to do with it but even when i close down zone alarm the connection problem is still there (ALTHOUGH IT doesnt drop quite so often when the laptop is connected to the router)CONNECTED (wireless)OTHER ARE HARD WIRED as soon as the laptop is shut down the connection unplugged sign appears every few mins/ seconds
    (just got another alert from ZAlarm (net bios Datergram blocked) this alert is on pc2(BUT IT REFERS) To the ip address on the laptop
    also still trying to share my printer and folders without any luck no doubt some more wrong settings somwhere ? HEY im slowly running low on patiance ive been trying to get this working every spare min since xmas CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP
  5. RealBlackStuff

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  6. malc23

    malc23 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok I agree im a dummy (you asked me to uninstall ICS)?
    All i asked was how? & where to look to uninstall
  7. RealBlackStuff

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    Read that post again, I advised to UNinstall only IF you had ICS, which you obviously don't.
    I'm not saying/implicating you are a Dummy, just referring to a good hands-on book.
  8. mikescorpio81

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    Try replacing the cables. I have had similar problems and the fault was the network cable.
    Or you could go through device manager, uninstall the network card, reboot and Windows will re-install it for you.

    Try both and let us know how you go :grinthumb
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