Aristo AM-911 Manual?

By salviablue
Sep 12, 2006
  1. I have an Aristo AM-911 mobo running a AMD Athlon M4 @1000MHz with 512MB of mem with no problems. I would like to mod this mobo but need to know lists of compatables, overclocking info, jumper settings and pin designations. I have been trying very unsuccessfully to down load the manual for this mobo. The pointed to website is garbage and Aristo ceased making mobo before the new millenium (i think) and their pages are nowhere to be seen!
    Someone must have a copy of this manual somewhere!?!?PLEASE!?!?

    If not could someone recomend a mobo for the AMD athlon m4 that has atleast 3 sdram dimms and a VIA k133 or better chipset please? Much appreciated! Pref one that can be easily overclocked?
  2. salviablue

    salviablue TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Close but no cigar

    Trying some advice from elsewhere I followed a link to here HTTP:\\
    which tells me that PCPartner took over Aristo and renamed thier mobo`s. But i find PCPartners homepages links to the K133ASA-911 manual pdf to be broken! So i atleast now know what the mobo`s current name is but still cant find a downloadable manual!!!:mad:
  3. salviablue

    salviablue TS Rookie Topic Starter

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